Photo Shows Web Acronym 'LOL' Woven Into Spiderweb

Heather Ar'ite said she believes it was a sign from the universe.

— -- One woman believes a spider had sent her a snarky message after she found the Web acronym "LOL" woven into its web.

"A lot of people found it crazy humorous," said Heather Ar'ite of Seattle, Washington. "I actually sent it to my mom and she asked me if it was real."

"I didn't know if the spider actually made that. I thought at first maybe they were little flowers seeds or tiny flies rolled up inside."

Ar'ite told ABC News that on Aug. 22, she was becoming aggravated from broken pipes and other household issues she was experiencing that day.

"I said, 'Oh my gosh, what else could go wrong?'" she recalled. "That's when I looked up at the sky and asked the universe, 'Why?' And as though the universe was answering me, I turned and spotted the 'LOL' written in the spiderweb by our front door."

"Seeing 'LOL' was kind of fitting because we were in a state of delirium," she said, noting that she quickly ran inside, grabbed her camera and snapped a photo of the Charlotte's Web-like image.

Shortly after, she shared it on her Facebook page.

"When I did post it several people said 'Charlotte,'" Ar'ite said. "Even though I don’t like spiders, I always cried at the end [of the book]."

"I'm just glad it didn't write 'Some Pig,' then I think then I would’ve been upset," she said, referring to one of the messages that the spider weaves into its web in the story. "It was nice to see everyone respond and get a chuckle out of it."