Photographer's Autumn-Themed Wedding Shots Will Take Your Breath Away

Wes Eisenhauer's fall foliage photos have gone viral.

— -- A photographer's autumn-themed wedding shots are going viral after he shared a breathtaking birds-eye image of a bride and groom surrounded by colorful foliage.

"I think it's an interesting perspective," Wes Eisenhauer of Sioux Falls, S.D., told ABC News. "It's an above-shot looking down at a bride and groom lying down in a gorgeous pile of leaves. It goes to show you that outdoor ceremonies and natural light really lends themselves to beautiful photos. We just got lucky having a beautiful fall day."

Eisenhauer said he photographed the wedding of newlyweds Alicia and Ryan Neururer on Oct. 17 at Woods Chapel just outside of Minneapolis, Minn.

After checking out the scene prior to the couple's ceremony, Eisenhauer said he decided to make use of the changing autumn leaves.

"We had a warm early October, but we got kind of lucky that it was so bright that day," he said. "It was 60 degrees and beautiful and colorful. I was really happy [with the photos]. In wedding photography I hope I'm bringing something different to the table."

He added: "This was definitely one of my favorites of the year. I've shot a lot of beautiful weddings. I shot 20 weddings this year and this was the 19th of the 20 and I was very pleased. In the Midwest thee could’ve been snow on the ground."

Eisenhauer's fall wedding shot received upwards of three million views on Reddit.

He said the couple in the shots, who are currently honeymooning, are thrilled at the attention their photos are receiving.