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  • The simplicity of the design of bus stops has allowed architects around the world to come up with creative and unusual solutions. Some designs give a nod to local culture and others have a futuristic sensibility. <br></br>A bus stop in Denmark.
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  • A bus stop looks out over a rice paddy in Pai, northern Thailand.
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  • A fruit-shaped bus stop in Konagai, Japan.
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  • The Unst Bus Shelter, lovingly decorated, is the northernmost bus shelter in the United Kingdom, between Baltasound and Haroldswick on the island of Unst in Scotland.
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  • An elaborate bus stop on the road to the resort town of Pitsunda, Abkhazia.
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  • A yellow bus stop on the Pan American highway in Lima, Peru.
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  • A bus stop in the shape of the national Kyrgyz hat, in Kalpak, Kyrgyzstan.
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  • A bus shelter in Everton, Victoria, Australia.
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  • A roadside bus stop in Estonia.
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  • A bus stop in a small village in Oman.
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  • A bus shelter in Havana, Cuba.
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  • A bus shelter at night in Reykjavik, Iceland.
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