Dave Young/Rex Features
  • Kennedy Culliford

    Kennedy Culliford
    Photographer Dave Young was present through the nights of April 23- 26 at London's Chelsea and Westminster hospital, documenting the reactions of new dads minutes after their partners gave birth. The pictures were taken for <i>The Book of Dads</i>, a special Father's Day charity edition of <a href="http://thebookofeveryone.com/borne/" target="external">The Book of Everyone</a>. 50% of the proceeds of the book go towards supporting <a href="http://borne.org.uk/" target="external">Borne</a>, a U.K. premature birth charity. <br><br> Message to his new baby, Ava Grace, "Changed my f***ing world."
    Dave Young/Rex Features
  • Alessandro Prestigiacomo

    Alessandro Prestigiacomo
    Message to his new baby, Tancredi, "Live in the way that makes yourself always proud."
    Dave Young/Rex Features
  • Dawit Woldetsadik

    Dawit Woldetsadik
    Message to his new baby, Zekirub, "I would like baby Zekirub to study medical and become a surgical doctor and save life. His mother went under a life threatening major surgery. By will of God and the help of competent surgical doctors, his mother, my wife Meseret, and baby Zekirub managed to survive."
    Dave Young/Rex Features
  • Daniel Arques

    Daniel Arques
    Message to his new baby, Alessandro, "Try to live as stress free as possible. Be happy and make sure to surround yourself with people who love you. If ever in doubt the two of us will waiting at home for you."
    Dave Young/Rex Features
  • Edward Venning

    Edward Venning
    Message to his new baby, Nathaniel, "Love family and words."
    Dave Young/Rex Features
  • Gamal Burton

    Gamal Burton
    Message to his new baby, Nevaeh, "Life is what you make it."
    Dave Young/Rex Features
  • Mike Riddell

    Mike Riddell
    Message to his new baby, Amy Rose, "Life is wonderful, enjoy!"
    Dave Young/Rex Features
  • John Gorst

    John Gorst
    Message to his new baby, Sam, "Take care of your mum."
    Dave Young/Rex Features
  • Reda Ali

    Reda Ali
    Message to his new baby, Omar El Sayea Ali, "Love family and life."
    Dave Young/Rex Features
  • Anonymous

    Message to his new baby, Lena, "Live fully, be yourself, love with all your heart."
    Dave Young/Rex Features