• Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands

    Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands
    A TripAdvisor reviewer noted, "<a href="" target="external">The Baths</a> are an incredible gem. We had it all to ourselves for most of the day. We snorkeled and played frisbee on the beach. The rock formations are amazing above and below the water." There are 16 hotels, 30 attractions and 36 restaurants in Virgin Gorda, British Virgina Islands.
  • Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

    Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
    A TripAdvisor reviewer said, "We stayed in a resort that was right on <a href="" target="external">Bavaro beach.</a> We walked along the shores of this incredibly beautiful beach. It was almost intoxicating. The pristine waters with the turquoise shades and the fine white soft sand...mmmm....too good! The waters look gorgeous during sun rise and sun set." There are 102 hotels, 230 attractions and 168 restaurants in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.
  • Palm-Eagle Beach, Aruba

    Palm-Eagle Beach, Aruba
    According to a TripAdvisor reviewer, "<a href="" target="external">Eagle Beach</a> in Aruba is one of the most breathtaking beaches on the island. Eagle Beach boasts the widest beach in Aruba and is famous for its pristine and soft white sands. Eagle Beach offers a clear, sparkling Caribbean, ample parking, shaded picnic areas, some huts, and a variety of motorized water sports." There are 40 hotels, 66 attractions and 145 restaurants in Palm-Eagle Beach, Aruba.
  • Culebra, Puerto Rico

    Culebra, Puerto Rico
    A TripAdvisor reviewer noted, "<a href="" target="external">Flamenco Beach</a> is true paradise. Crystal clear waters, soft white sand, beautiful green hills in the background, no mega resorts or masses of tourists. You can snorkel right off the beach. Lots of great food options and $10 daily umbrella rentals. I never wanted to leave!" There are 40 hotels, 34 attractions and 24 restaurants in Culebra, Puerto Rico.
  • Providenciales, Turks and Caicos

    Providenciales, Turks and Caicos
    According to a TripAdvisor reviewer, "This <a href="" target="external">beach</a> is just so picture perfectly gorgeous that you won't believe your photos when you get home. And it is empty! Just miles of empty, pristine gentle white beach, with the most stunningly blue water you'll ever hope to see. There are some excellent snorkeling spots off the beach so bring your gear. But, the beach itself is truly too perfect for words."
  • Cruz Bay, St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands

    Cruz Bay, St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands
    A TripAdvisor reviewer said, "The snorkeling is absolutely amazing. Huge sea turtles, schools of fish and stingrays are just some of the sea life found regularly here in <a href="" target="external">Maho Bay.</a> It's a postcard like setting with some of the coolest palm trees you'll find anywhere in the world. In my opinion this is the best place on the island to take pictures. Don't visit St. John without checking out Maho Bay."
  • Cayo Largo, Cuba

    Cayo Largo, Cuba
    A TripAdvisor reviewer said, "<a href="" target="external">Playa Paraiso</a> consists of sand bars that go on forever! It has calm lagoons with starfish, jellyfish and schools of flying fish and swordfish. It is quiet and beautiful! The sand is so white and soft. A trip to Cayo Largo is incomplete without a trip to Playa Paraiso." There are six hotels and five attractions in Cayo Largo, Cuba.
  • Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman

    Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman
    A TripAdvisor reviewer said, "What a <a href="" target="external">beautiful beach,</a> it goes on and on. Walking the beach all you hear is the waves and all you see is crystal clear blue water... The water was warm and sea life abundant." There are 47 hotels, 44 attractions and 55 restaurants in Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman.
  • Negril, Jamaica

    Negril, Jamaica
    According to a TripAdvisor reviewer, "If you are looking for warm, clear, sparkling water; white powdery sand and a mellow environment, then this is your beach! It's an ideal place for children because of the calm water and sandy bottom. While the entire stretch of beach is lined with beach bars, restaurants and hotels, <a href="" target="external">Negril</a> maintains a very mellow vibe even during peak season (we were there over New Years)."
  • Varadero, Cuba

    Varadero, Cuba
    A TripAdvisor reviewer said, "<a href="" target="external">Varadero Beach</a> is a beautiful haven, with its kilometers of white sand, great for long morning walks. Early in the morning, if you are lucky, you may find washed up sea shells of all colors and sizes... There is plenty of room for all on the beach. You can sit on lounge chairs with the other hotel guests, or wander along and find your own little oasis along the way. The water is clear, calm and jump in ready."