Pink or Purple: #TheShoe Is #TheDress All Over Again

#TheShoe might be the next great color debate to break the Internet.

— -- Here we go again.

When Twitter user @totallymendes, posted a photo asking which nail polish would best match their shoes on Wednesday afternoon, the Internet couldn't make up its mind. And the tweet went viral.

Ava Munro, who is the Twitter user @totallymendes, said she's going to a gala for a cancer organization on Sunday and can't decide which nail polish color best matches the shoes she bought to wear with the white lace dress she's wearing to the event.

"I asked a couple of my friends which color they thought matched the shoe, and none of them really knew, so I tweeted it out," the 14-year-old, who lives in Massachusetts, told ABC News. "A lot of people started retweeting it, and other people started talking about it. Then people found the original tweet, and it took off from there."

Based on Munro's tweet, Twitter users started using #TheShoe to voice their opinion on what nail polish Munro should choose.

To some people, the shoe, which Munro said is from BCBG, looks more purple. But to others, the shoe seemed to match the pink nail polish better. Munro said both nail polish colors are from the brand Sinful Colors and are both named the same name "Dream On."

For many Twitter users, it brought back memories of #TheDress, which broke the Internet in February when a photo of a dress appeared to look gold and white at times and black and blue at others.

At the moment, Munro's tweet has 5,399 retweets and 6,628 favorites. But despite all the attention, she hasn't been able to get a definite answer as to which nail polish she should pick.

"I was hoping that only a couple people would answer ... and now it turned into this huge thing, so it made it even more confusing," Munro said.

Munro, who said she's become a sort of celebrity among her friends since her tweet went viral, said she has until Sunday to decide.

"I was kind of hoping to have a definite answer, but I don’t think I’m going to have one any time soon," she said.