Pinterest-Worthy Dorm Rooms for the Non-Crafty in 5 Easy Steps

Dorm room decorating doesn't need to be daunting.

— -- Decorating a dorm room, especially for a college freshman, is all about making it feel like a home away from home. That said, it’s a great time to branch out from your kid’s at-home bedroom décor.

Parents often find that the time just before a child leaves for college is a stressful one for all parties. You might find your child pulling away from you before they leave. Teaming up on dorm room decorating is a great way to find common ground those last few weeks.

Here are five fun and simple ideas:

Area rugs. These do wonders to warm up a room. But college kids aren’t known for cleanliness, so you want to make sure you get one that either won’t easily show dirt or can actually be cleaned. A new rug on the market called Ruggable can be put in the washing machine. Yes, the washing machine. You simply pull it away from its sticky liner and toss it in the wash.

Stick-on wallpaper. Chances are there’s a no painting rule in your kid’s dorm rule. But who wants to live with boring walls? Chasing Paper has a great selection of designs. If you prefer something more subtle, there’s plenty of stick-on wall décor, from art to quotes to maps and more – on – starts at less than $10.

A headboard. Adding a headboard – even a very inexpensive one you make together – instantly warms up an otherwise cold dorm room. Not so crafty? This is where Pinterest comes in handy – simple, beautiful ideas on a DIY headboard.

Colored tape – like Washi tape – to line the edges of otherwise boring white utility shelves. It goes on and peels off just like painter’s tape and adds a great, super simple and super cheap touch of style.

Photos, photos, photos. No doubt your college kid has plenty stored on his or her phone, but this is the time to print out a few – yes, the old-fashioned way – and make a collage. Avoid individual frames as they can take up much-needed desk and shelf space.