Pit Bull Gives 10-Month-Old Baby the Giggles

Video is predictably adorable.

— -- The pit bull may not be known as an especially affectionate dog breed, but one Californian canine is doing her part to correct the stereotype.

Briana Figueras, 25, recorded a short video of her 3-year-old puppy, Gemma, covering her 10-month-old son, Elliott, in kisses. The result is predictably adorable. Elliott is seen smiling and giggling as Gemma nuzzles him.

But Gemma is not always as energetic as she appears in the clip. According to Figueras, she suffers from joint pain and will eventually need surgery to repair her knees. While Figueras and her boyfriend try to raise funds for the costly operation, the family treats the condition with both medication and unconditional devotion.

Figueras called Gemma "the most loving creature" and an "absolute doll" to both her newborn and 5-year-old daughter, but she admitted the dog has a particular soft spot for Elliott.

"We have videos of her reaction when we brought him home from the hospital," Figueras told ABC News. "The second we walked in the door, she was just wagging her tail and so excited. She's been nothing but loving toward him since the day he came home. She never leaves his side."

Both Figueras and her boyfriend work in the veterinary field and have raised their children to be comfortable around animals.

"[Elliott] just adores her," Figueras said. "We have two cats and a dog and both of my kids are just bonkers about Gemma and all of our animals."

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