Puppy Lost Off Italian Coast for Hours Rescued by Sailors

Noodle, a Labrador puppy, slipped out of his leash and into the water.

— -- A three-month-old puppy’s incredible rescue story is going viral after the puppy survived hours in the water off the Italian coast.

The puppy, a Labrador named Noodle, was on a ferry in the Gulf of Naples last month with his owner when he fell overboard, according to La Repubblica Napoli.

A crew of boaters from a Naples-based yacht club spotted the puppy in the water and rescued him, using a hair dryer to warm his freezing legs, the Italian newspaper reported.

La Repubblica Napoli said the boaters learned of a report of a missing dog and were able to happily reunite Noodle with its owner.

A video of the rescue posted by the yacht club now has nearly 900,000 views on YouTube.