Real Life Cat Burglar Keeps Stealing Men's Underwear

PHOTO: Real Life ‘Cat Burglar’ Keeps Stealing Men’s UnderwearPlayCourtesy Sarah Nathan
WATCH Cat Thief Steals Underwear From Neighbors in New Zealand

A real-life cat burglar is stealing from her neighbors in New Zealand.

The culprit is a 6-year-old kleptomaniac kitty named Brigit. She’s been socking it to the neighborhood of Hamilton, thieving 11 pairs of underwear and more than 50 socks in just two months.

Brigit’s owner, Sarah Nathan, has been distributing flyers and posting on Reddit and Facebook to try to notify the owners.

Nathan told the New Zealand Herald that her cat seems to have singular taste--she is only interested in menswear.

"It's all men's. It's really, really weird,” she told the paper. “She's got really specific taste."

"It's an absolute obsession," Nathan added. "A night does not go by without her bringing things home. I got up this morning and there were another four socks in the house."

Being a discerning cat, she only takes matching socks.

“One will be at the front door and one will be at the back door so she's obviously gone back to get the matching sock," Nathan added.

Thankfully, Nathan’s neighbors will soon have some peace. The family is moving to a farm in the country in the near future.