Real-Life Willy Wonka of Desserts Rolling Out New Items

— -- Crack pie, cereal milk, compost cookies, cake truffles and more are just some of pastry chef Christina Tosi’s insane dessert creations that have become instant New York classics at Milk Bar, hooking locals with their unapologetically unusual flavor combinations and wacky, fun concepts.

And on July 30, Tosi is launching the bakery’s early fall menu (which ships nationwide), bringing back some old favorites and launching some all-new treats.

The Apple Pie Cake takes all the flavors you love from the normal pie (brown butter, cinnamon, apple compote) and transforms them into cake mode, with layers of cheesecake, pie dough frosting and apple cider. Tosi also takes the cake scraps and turns them into truffle form, adding a white chocolate coating to boot.

She does the same with the chocolate chip cake, upping the flavor with a passion fruit puree and coffee frosting. The truffles also get a white chocolate coating to add some sturdiness.

Tosi has also redone the breads menu, coming in strong with savory options like the blueberry bagel bomb, a fun ball of bagel dough stuffed with blueberry cream cheese and finished with a salty and sweet streusel topping. Others include the cubano bomb, inspired by the sandwich but in ball form with house-roasted, hand-pulled pork that's marinated Cuban mojo style combined with ham, pickles and mustard -- and it's all nestled inside bagel dough topped with sea salt.

Though Milk Bar ships nationwide, you can try to recreate Tosi's famous naked-style cake at home with this recipe: Milk Bar's Chocolate Chip Layer Cake.