Red Dot 'Eye Test' Prompts an Internet Uproar

"Calm your mind and stare at this red circle," the puzzle's creator wrote.

— -- It's the latest debate making the Internet go bonkers since a dog wore pants.

Audience engagement platform published the red dot "eye test" on March 31.

"Calm your mind and stare at this red circle," content creator Jack ONeil wrote on the site. "See anything?"

Whether people say they see a horse, or a map or nothing at all, Shachar Orren, Playbuzz's vice president of content, said the uproar is igniting a ton of chatter on social media.

View the original puzzle here.

"Some people didn't see anything, which got them really concerned - 'Is this some kind of eye test? Do I need to see a doctor?" Orren said, adding that the image is a puzzle that's just for fun. "Some say they see a cat ... the outline of North America. People are saying, 'I see a horse, but I see a horse with no tail.'"

She added: "It was really interesting that there's a lot of meaning to what people see or don't see in this illusion."

Playbuzz shared the brain-teasing puzzle on its Facebook page where a slew of comments generated from people sharing what they see in the red circle.

"Hmm, if I stare long enough I see a dog or maybe a horse or maybe a map of the US - I see something just don't know exactly what," one Facebook user wrote.

"I see nothing in the middle of this red circle!!!" another said.

Orren said the image has been shared by media outlets worldwide.

"There's something about these optical illusions and these riddles where one person sees one thing and one person sees another," she said. "It created a personal experience. It's a test [of], 'Am I seeing something different? What does this say about me?'

"It's having that personal experience with that item that I really think hits the spot, or 'the dot.'"

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