'Ridiculous Dad Fashion' the Butt of Hilarious Style Instagram

Fathers are now #OnFleek, thanks to one Instagram account.

In an effort to call out the goofy fashion worn by fathers everywhere, Ashley Hesseltine, 31 and Travis May, 30 of Atlanta created @FashionDads_ Instagram.

The two came up with the idea for the account during the holidays.

“We were talking about our own dads' ridiculous outfits and were like, ‘We should create an Instagram account for this," Hesseltine said. “We started with pictures of our own dads then people started submitting them."

Each photo comes with a funny caption describing the outfits each dad is sporting.

All are accompanied by comical hashtags like #WalmartEverything, #HighFashion and #StrikeaPose.

“It's to showcase ridiculous dad fashion in a satirical fashion blogger style.” Hesseltine says. “We think everyone with a father can relate.”

The end goal of Fashion Dads, according to Hesseltine, is simply to make people laugh.