Russian 'Road Rage' Turns Into Surprise Marriage Proposal

PHOTO: A recently uploaded YouTube video of a Russian road rage didnt end in blood and gun fight, but flowers and an engagement ring.androkols/Youtube
A recently uploaded YouTube video of Russian "road rage" didn't end in blood and a gun fight, but flowers and an engagement ring.

A case of apparent Russian road rage didn't end in blood and a gunfight, but flowers and an engagement ring.

Posted on YouTube three days ago, and logging close to 2 million views, a video shows the incident’s starting with a group of motorcyclists chasing after a car. One motorcycle eventually brake-checked the car, forcing the driver to stop and step out.

The motorcyclist then dragged and pushed the driver onto the car, almost hitting the windshield.

The motorist’s girlfriend got out of the car and looked visibly upset. That's when the driver got down on one knee and pulled out the engagement ring.

One of the motorcyclists opened the back trunk of the car and handed the groom-to-be a bouquet of flowers, which he gave to his girlfriend. She said “yes,” and the crowd started cheering for the duo.

It was hardly the first such outlandish proposal stunt.

A U.S. pilot took his proposal two years ago to a whole new level, up in the air.

Pilot Ryan Thompson took his girlfriend, Carlie Kennedy, on a romantic sightseeing flight in February 2012 over Chicago. In the middle of the flight, Thompson told his girlfriend that there was a problem with the plane’s controls and asked her to read off the “emergency checklist,” which contained instructions for a “ring engagement procedure."

“Pilot in command. Determine if he is a good mate. Note: he will always love and honor you,” she read.

While Kennedy was reading, Thompson reached into his pocket and dug out the ring.

Then she read the question “Will you marry me?” she stopped for a moment, stunned, then covered her face and burst out laughing.

"Will you marry me?" Thompson popped out the question.

"Yes," Kennedy replied.