Saddest Little Bookworm: Boy Breaks Down Every Time Book Ends

Baby breaks down and sobs every time his mom finishes a book.

— -- You know that feeling when you come to the end of a really, really good book? You're so sad it's over, you just want to cry.

That's what happens to 10-month-old Emmett Stevers every time his mom says "The End." This adorable baby boy just might be the saddest little bookworm there ever was. He breaks down and cries uncontrollably every time his book comes to an end.

"Books have been making him cry for about a month now,” mom Alicia Stevers told ABC News. “We don't really know why he cries, but it seems that he just genuinely doesn't want to be done reading."

But the Michigan mom said there's no need to worry about baby Emmett: "He's a really happy kid and rarely gets upset."

Emmett, it seems, just really, really loves books. "We don't let him play with any screens or tablets, or watch TV or anything like that and are more minimalist with toys,” she said. “We're trying to instill a love of reading and simplicity. He has books all over the house and never gets tired of them."

We had to know: What are the tiniest, saddest bookworm’s absolute favorites? "I am a Bunny" by Ole Risom and "My Friends" by Taro Gomi.