Why Santa's Lying on the Floor for Christmas Photos

It's what the spirit of Christmas is all about.

The Charlotte, North Carolina mom said Brayden hung off to the side by one of the Christmas props at the Caring Santa event at the South Park mall in late November. Then Santa put the snow globe in the photo on the floor. Brayden was fascinated, she said, and made his way over to play.

"Santa creeped down to the floor. Neither of them spoke. Santa began playing with the stuffed animal Brayden brought. All of a sudden, they had bonded without either saying a word."

Deely said, had there been no Caring Santa event, the family would skip the Santa photos all together. "The anxiety, the waiting on the long lines . . . it would be too much for Brayden and for us," she said.

"Brayden doesn't like posing for photos and being told to smile for the camera. This Santa was perfect."