Here's a Sneakily Simple Valentine's Day Meal for the Kitchen-Challenged

Go big this year with a menu that's deceivingly easy and romantic.

— -- intro: Valentine’s Day is your opportunity to do it up in the kitchen -- whether alone, with friends or with a loved one. Go big this year with a menu that sounds fancy and occasion-worthy, but is deceivingly easy to prepare. Click through for oysters, steak and chocolate recipes from the Tasting Table test kitchen that will put anyone in a romantic mood.

quicklist:1title: Broiled Oysters with Garlic-Butter Sauceurl: text: Oysters are a common aphrodisiac, but eating them raw isn’t for everyone. Broiling them with garlic and butter makes for a much friendlier version. media: 22445903

quicklist:2title: Seared Rib Eye with Salsa Verdeurl: text: Steak is everyone’s special occasion go-to, and adding a tangy salsa verde sets this recipe apart from the 22445645

quicklist:3title: Profiteroles with Chocolate Sauce url: text: Chocolate sauce drizzles over ice cream-filled airy dough bites in this decadent recipe. Enough 22445849