Stache the Cat Looks Like Tom Selleck, Adrien Brody and More

The resemblance is uncanny.

— -- Stache the cat went from unwanted to Internet sensation in just a matter of months. When owner Christine Gonzalez heard no one wanted the then 7-month-old Oriental shorthair because of his unusual markings, she jumped at the chance to take him in.

"He was past that kitten phase and because of his moustache, he's got this weird look about him," Gonzalez told ABC News. "To me -- I'm looking at him right now -- and he's got the moustache and literally looks like somebody took a Sharpie pen and put it on him. I couldn't believe I actually got him and that nobody wanted him. How could anybody not resist this?"

"Apparently Internet cats are in. People love them," Gonzalez said. "And he's very unique. He's just one of those cats that you instantly fall in love with. Yes, he looks odd with it, but he's got such a sweet disposition, too. He's a sweetheart."