Stranger Responds to Facebook Hail Mary and Finds Woman's Lost Wedding Ring

One man traveled a half hour to help a couple he didn't know.

— -- Brandon Potter and his wife Debbie are endlessly thankful for Facebook, a metal detector and one stranger’s generosity.

Potter was at Tobay Beach on Long Island, New York, Saturday when panic struck. His wife had asked him to hold on to her wedding ring, but after a game of who-said-what later that day, the couple realized the ring had somehow gotten lost in the shuffle.

After searching the beach frantically, Potter took to Facebook, writing in as many groups as he could asking for help.

Among the many generous shares and sympathetic comments, one stood out -– a man by the name of Mike Jandris commented that he was getting in his car and would be at the beach with his metal detector in about 35 minutes. Potter and his wife were astonished.

“It was shocking to me that someone was willing to go so far out of their way to come and help us,” Potter told ABC News.

But sure enough, Jandris arrived and within five minutes, he found the ring and returned it safe and sound to the couple.

"When I found it he just started hugging me and high-fiving, you know, it was just really, really nice," Jandris told local ABC-owned station WABC.

“Mike is a friend now -- a friend for life -- and he knows that,” Potter said, adding that only a true friend would do what Jarvis did for him and his wife that day.

The act of kindness went a long way for both Potter and the social media world.

Amazed by the generosity and compassion of a total stranger, Potter turned to Facebook once again, this time to share his story. The post detailing the events of that day has since received almost 7,000 likes and more than 500 shares.

“I personally think it’s about all the bad that is going on around us,” Potter said of the post's popularity. “People are just happy to see the good.”