Strongman Santa Claus Tows World's Heaviest Sleigh

VIDEO: Dressed as Santa, the Rev. Kevin Fast breaks a world record for pulling the heaviest
WATCH Santa Is a Ho, Ho, Hulk In Strongman Competition

'Tis the season for giving it your all.

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A strongman Santa Claus set a Guinness World Record on Monday for pulling the heaviest sleigh in the world. As a twist, all the goods on board the sleigh were donations for a local food bank.

Pastor Kevin Fast, aka "Santa," donned a red suit and cap at Victoria Park in Cobourg, Ontario, on Nov. 18, determined to set a record for "Heaviest Sleigh Pulled by Santa Claus." And in a pre-Christmas miracle, Fast achieved that goal, towing a trailer and cab loaded with faux reindeer and food sacks donated by students at the St. Mary Secondary School.

The loaded sleigh weighed 19,950 kilograms, or 43,982.2 pounds.

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Fast has previously set records for "heaviest aircraft pulled by a man" and "heaviest vehicle pulled over 100 feet."

"Santa has never attempted to set a record in the history of the world," said Fast before the event. "And this is definitely the heaviest sleigh that has ever been pulled."

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With that, he stepped in front of the trailer, attached himself to it and told the officials he was ready.

"C'mon! C'mon, Santa!" Mrs. Claus yelled, as the man in the jolly red suit began tugging his haul forward, and a crew of beefy elves assisted with slack rope.

The 30-meter pull was completed in a swift 10.5 seconds, at which point the crowd erupted in cheers and Fast broke out a few "Ho, ho, hos" before planting a kiss on Mrs. Claus.