Student Stands Out With Resume Modeled After GQ Magazine

Sumukh Mehta created a 20-page magazine spread showcasing his achievements.

— -- The school year is over and many students are starting summer internships, but it isn’t easy to get noticed in the pool of applicants. Sometimes you have to get extremely creative like Sumukh Mehta of Bangalore, India.

He was looking for a marketing gig at GQ magazine, so he turned his resume into a 20-page magazine spread full of articles about his work experience, his education and, of course, why he would make such a great addition to the team.

“I had to be very careful and match up with the font and the colors GQ plays around with,” Mehta, 21, wrote to ABC News. “I had to make sure that every new article starts from the right-hand side. That is one thing I noticed while making the resume and had to make the resume in the multiples of four otherwise it wouldn't equal the number of pages to make the magazine.”

It took more than three weeks to complete -- and it worked. The editor-in-chief of British GQ himself offered Mehta an internship on the spot, without even interviewing him.

“Since the day the resume has gone viral, my message box is flooded with people from all the over the world appreciating my creativity,” the proud college grad explained. “Now everybody wants an infographic resume.”

As for his plans for the future?

“After this internship I would want to start my own business because I have so many ideas but lack with investment and I wouldn't want to ask my father for it,” Mehta wrote. “I'm already searching for a few investors to invest on the business ideas I have.”

Once his work visa is approved, he hopes to start his GQ internship in September or October.