What to Do If You're Not Into the Super Bowl

PHOTO: Changing the channel during a football game.
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Haven't the faintest clue about football, oversaturated with Super Bowl madness or harboring sour grapes because your team didn't make the finals (ehrm, Tom Brady)?

For American imports like myself and others who likely won't be switching over to see the Broncos take on the Seahawks next weekend, here's a bucket list of alternative activities to spark up your Sunday, sans Super Bowl.

PHOTO: Adoptable puppies play during the taping of Animal Planets "Puppy Bowl IX" program in New York, Nov. 11, 2012.
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Switch over to the Puppy Bowl

Even if you're not a football fan, you'll be sure to get a kick out of watching a troupe of man's best friend foul up the field. Click over to the Animal Planet channel at 3 p.m. for hours of unreasonably cute canine antics.

Also programming opposite everyone's favorite football pups is Hallmark's Kitten Bowl and Nat Geo Wild's puzzling Fish Bowl (that's four uninterrupted hours of Goldie the fish swimming around in a bowl).

PHOTO: Film still from the 1971 movie, Brians Song, starring James Caan.
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Football flicks

For those uninitiated in football terms and tactics but who want to learn more about the game, watching Hollywood's take on the sport and a few of its past legends might help gently ease you into Super Bowl fever. A few of our top pics for best football movies include: "Brian's Song" (1971), "Remember the Titans" (2000), "Friday Night Lights" (2004), "We Are Marshall" (2006), "The Longest Yard" (1974) and "North Dallas Forty" (1979).

PHOTO: Film still from season 1 of the Netflix original series, Orange is the New Black.
Netflix marathons

Moving right away from football-related festivities, next Sunday may just be the best excuse to stay in bed and catch up on your favorite Netflix series. Find out what the buzz is on shows you've neglected for months after they've aired -- it doesn't matter you already know the fate of Walter White at the end of "Breaking Bad" before you even got to know his character. Now is the time to find out what all your colleagues have been raving about. "House of Cards" is also hot on the list of must-see viewing right now, as is "Orange is the new Black."

PHOTO: A group of friends out to brunch.
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Go out and enjoy brunch

It's the weekend after all! While fans may be flying across America to attend the real thing, or curling up on couches with Doritos and dip, Super Bowl Sunday is the best time for the football-disinterested to go out and grab brunch. Escape the stomping and yelling coming from your neighbor's Super Bowl party upstairs, and take yourself to that favorite restaurant or café you've been avoiding because of the long and chilly line-up outside.

PHOTO: Promotional poster for the 2013 film American Hustle.
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Go to the movies

If you've been dying to go and see "American Hustle" or heard good things about "The Wolf of Wall Street" but haven't had the chance to see either yet, go on Feb. 2. It's one of the few times of the year you won't have to fight your way through winding lines at the box office. Not only will you avoid pre-screening mayhem, but you'll probably get a decent pick of seats in relatively empty theaters. Check out a list of movies stirring up buzz at the upcoming Oscars.

PHOTO: A couple doing some DIY home improvements.
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DIY home ideas

It's cold, damn cold, made especially unbearable without proper insulating at home. Maybe you've been putting off weather-stripping your doors or sealing your windows. Maybe you haven't the faintest how to even go about it... Well, serial procrastinators may or may not thank us for these DIY tips for the home to help keep the heating bills down. Alternatively, you can get creative and scour Pinterest for ideas to start your own craft projects.

PHOTO: Ice skating in New Yorks central park.
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Ice skating or roller skating

With frosty temps forecast for early February, the thought of straying outdoors may not be too appealing - unless it's to enjoy winter-specific sports and the cold-weather activities. Just make sure you layer up before heading to the local ice-skating or roller-skating rink. The extra activity will also help keep the blood flowing during couch potato season.

PHOTO: A relatively empty shopping mall.
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Hit the malls

Dodging crazed shoppers and competing for elbow room at sales racks is generally the worst way to spend your weekend, but on Super Bowl Sunday, it could be a different story. There will of course be clearer aisles, and also more parking and readily available shop assistants. That thought might just nudge even the crankiest shopper out to the mall next Sunday.

PHOTO: Skiers on a lift at a resort.
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Head away for the weekend

Planning to get out of town altogether, especially a trip involving nature or the wilderness, may be the perfect antidote to Super Bowl mania. If you scour the net right now, you'll likely still find room for last-minute bookings at ski resorts or hotels in places that aren't Jersey.

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