Sushi Donuts Are the Latest Food Craze

Cronuts are so 2014.

— -- Cronuts are so 2014.

Now, food bloggers around the world are debuting a new trend in hybrid snacks. It's called the sushi donut.

What's a sushi donut? It's just as it sounds. It's a donut made completely of rice with toppings like fish, ginger, avocado, sesame seeds and wasabi.

"It didn't take very long," she told ABC News of creating the sushi donut.

Rivers, 40, said it took her 15 minutes to create the donut after letting the cooked rice cool down. She added sesame seeds, guacamole, red pepper, tomato and wasabi to her donut.

The Northern Ireland mother of four said her children "absolutely loved how they looked!"

Rivers enjoyed creating the latest foodie trend so much that she's already come up with her next sushi donut creation -- coconut rice and mango.

"That's a good idea," she gushed. "I must do that next!"