Teacher Assistant Dresses Up in Silly Costumes Every Morning to Put Smiles on Kids' Faces

"I just wanted to bring a smile on people's faces," she said.

— -- Cindy Matthews, a teacher assistant at an elementary school in Texas, dresses up in silly costumes every morning to greet students and put smiles on their faces before the school day starts.

"It helps wake them up, get them happy and motivated to start the day right, just like a good cup of coffee," said Matthews, who has worked at the Academy of the Arts at Bransom Elementary in Burleson, Texas, for over five years.

Matthews said she only started "playing dress-up" about three years ago during a rainy spell.

"It had been pouring nonstop for two to three weeks, and everyone just seemed a bit gloomy," she said.

So one morning, Matthews showed up to school and greeted students wearing a raincoat, floaties and swimming tube.

"I just wanted to bring a smile on people's faces," she said. "The kids seemed to enjoy it, the parents got a kick out of it, so I just started doing it every day."

Matthews usually creates her unique costumes based on the holidays of the month or themed events the school is holding.

"I wave at everyone, ask for high fives, jumping jacks, anything to get a smile," Matthews said. "Of course, there's some kids that think they're too cool for me, so I'll chase them down and that usually gets them laughing."

The school's principal, Joy Burchfield, said today that she, as well as the rest of the community -- "loves every minute" of Matthews' antics.

"Parents mention time and time again to us how much they appreciate what she's doing," Burchfield said. "We appreciate her so much and all she does for the kids."

Matthews said she hopes her story can help show others "that it is possible to be happy and have a positive outlook on life."

"That's what I feel people need right now, especially with everything going on," she said. "It takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile.”