Just because school is back in session doesn’t mean the fun needs to end with all work and no play.

And nobody knows that better than two teachers from Union Grove high school in Union Grove, Wisconsin, who made a hilarious back-to-school parody video based on Kenny Loggins’ iconic song “Footloose.”

Head football coach-PE teacher Jordan Hein and science teacher Mitchell Brachmann dusted off their dancing shoes and busted out their bow ties to create their energetic video called “This School,” which has more than 105,000 views on YouTube since it was uploaded Aug. 27.

The two back-to-school stars brought their enthusiastic Kevin Bacon-inspired moves to “Good Morning America” in Times Square this morning, accompanied by none other than the professional dancers of “Dancing With the Stars.”

“We had amazing educators in our lives who’ve inspired us to dream big,” Hein explained of their inspiration behind the video. “And we’re just so incredibly proud of our staff, students and community at Union Grove high school that we wanted to show that off to the world and just build a super fun and engaging learning environment.”

This is actually the third year in a row the dancing duo have made back-to-school parodies to motivate their students. The first was their version of Jason Derulo’s “In My Head,” changing it instead to “In My Class.” Last year they went with One Direction’s “That’s What Makes You Beautiful,” recreating it with a new name, “That’s What Makes School Beautiful.”

Now kicking off the school year with their most viral video yet, Hein and Brachmann got 40 students involved to take part in the catchy choreography.

“We have an amazing staff, amazing students, they all loved it,” Hein said. “We look forward to doing it every single year.”

As for next year, the teachers were already joking that they may just have to “get the ‘Dancing With the Stars’ crew involved.’”