Texas dad and 2-year-old daughter bond while washing her hair

Francis Garner said, "Everything is equal in this family."

— -- One San Antonio, Texas, dad doesn't mind getting his hands dirty -- or soapy, rather.

Francis Garner loves washing his 2-year-old daughter Jayde's hair. "I wash and do her hair quite a bit," the father told ABC News. "Everything is equal in this family."

Garner, 25, was caught in the action in an Aug. 25 video that quickly went viral on Facebook when it was shared earlier this week. In fact, more than 79,000 people watched the proud dad wash his baby girl's hair while dancing around in their kitchen.

"I've always wanted Jayde to be comfortable with me -- whether that's washing her hair or getting her dressed," Garner explained. "There’s going to be times when her mom may not have the time to wash her hair ... so it’s my responsibility to step up and do that so things can go smoothly."

Garner and his partner Kerry Robinson are parents to Jayde and are expecting another baby next April. And although the father doesn't have a preference on the sex of his baby, he does admit that he "wants a little son."

"Jayde has so much personality and with personality there comes a little bit of attitude," he said with a laugh, "and right now it’s two against one -- so I’m trying to even the playing field a little bit."