Twin sisters give birth to baby boys on same day in same hospital

"We love doing things together anyway, so it was amazing," said Danielle Grant.

— -- These twin sisters now have two sets of identical birthdays to celebrate: theirs on June 30, and now their sons' birthdays on April 28.

Danielle Grant and Kim Abraham of Toms River, New Jersey, both had baby boys on April 28 at Ocean Medical Center in Brick.

They delivered less than four hours apart in rooms next door to each other.

“Our delivery room and our hospital rooms were right next to each which was really nice,” Grant told ABC News of the rare occurrence. “It’s so nice to have someone there. All our friends and family would hop from room to room. We love doing things together anyway, so it was amazing.”

The sisters found out they were pregnant on the very same day, had a big sex reveal celebration on the same day in November and had the same exact due date of April 22. It wasn’t until they both surpassed their original due date that they decided to take matters into their own hands, choosing to induce on the same day.

Baby Roman Grant arrived first at 11:42 a.m. and baby Aaron Abraham came shortly after at 3:21 p.m., weighing a pound more than his older cousin.

The moms say their babies will be best friends.

“Oh they’ll definitely have combined birthday parties and we’ll raise them to be close,” said Abraham. “If they were 10 years apart they’d be close but the fact they have the same birthday is even better. We live six miles away from each other.”

“We joke that when we look for houses, we look for them next door to each other. We would love that,” Grant added.

The proud parents and grandparents are over the moon with joy.

“Mom was back and forth between the delivery rooms,” Abraham recalled. “She was keeping us both updated. It was nice to have her in there. For her, it’s been the best. She was texting updates from my sister’s room. I was progressing way slower and I knew my sister was actively in labor.”

The only downfall of having the two bundles of joy arrive at once?

“Every time I buy something I have bought the same thing for Danielle’s son,” Abraham said with a laugh. “This is where it might be bad because we’ll be spending more money than we normally would.”