Twins 'Fall Asleep' At Sound of Mom Over the Baby Monitor

The video of Miyako and Keira Travis has gone viral on Facebook.

— -- When mom is away, the babies will play -- until they hear her voice, that is.

That lesson was caught on camera by Judy Travis, a Seattle-based mom vlogger and mom of three daughters.

Travis was folding laundry on Saturday in her bedroom while her twin daughters, 18-months-old Miyako and Keira, were supposed to be napping in their cribs.

“I heard the girls laughing and screaming at each other,” Travis, 29, told ABC News. “I could see them on the monitor not taking a nap so I pushed the button so I could talk to them.”

As soon as the twins heard their mom’s voice, they both fell to their matressess and pretended to be fast asleep.

“I said, ‘Hi babies’, and they went right down on the bed,” she said. “They pretended to be asleep and laid down for about 30 seconds to one minute.”

“I don’t do it often because I think it startles them,” Travis said of using the audio function on the baby monitor. “But I just thought it was the funniest thing.”

Travis, who hosts a beauty show, “It’sJudyTime,” on YouTube, in addition to her family’s vlog, posted the video on Facebook Saturday.

The video has since been liked nearly 250,000 times and has nearly 130,000 shares.

“We already share our lives so it’s nothing too foreign to us,” Travis said of the video’s popularity. “We love sharing the cute moments and it’s something that we’ll have documented forever.”