UK Mother Wears Dot of Lipstick on Her Cheek to Support Daughter

Jessica Sand's daughter has a rare skin disease called Haemangioma.

— -- Lipstick is a common beauty staple for women. But one mother in the U.K. is making headlines for the unusual way she's using her lipstick.

Jessica Sand of Merseyside, England, puts a dot of lipstick on her right cheek as a way to support her seven-month old daughter, Madison, who has haemangioma, a birthmark that is usually red or purple in color.

Haemangiomas occur when blood vessels under the skin form a lump.

When Sand, 24, noticed a red mark on her then 1-week old daughter's face, she assumed that it was nothing more than a scratch. Four months later the red mark had grown into a bump almost 2-centimeters wide, which doctors confirmed to be haemangioma.

According to Sand, Madison's birthmark is not harmful, and will only need to be removed if it starts to affect her child's eyesight.

Sand said that she marked her face with lipstick in an effort to make her daughter feel more comfortable about her birthmark, and to emphasize that it's what's underneath the surface that counts."

"I hope that the positive way I view my daughter's birthmark will influence both my children and other people in the world to love themselves and the way they look, even if it does not comply to society's 'perfect' expectations," Sand said.