Author Cleo Wade: ‘We are feeling our own resilience’

Cleo Wade, bestselling author and artist, joins the show to talk about her new children’s book, “What the Road Said,” and the inspiration behind it.
5:02 | 05/04/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Author Cleo Wade: ‘We are feeling our own resilience’
Best selling author artists and community builder Cleo wade became famous for her inspirational self love Montrose on Inkster Graham invokes filled with poetry and art earning her the title. Of the millennial over for her positive messages. Now she's out with her first book for children is called what the roads and Cleo thanks so much for joining us. I think you so much for having me. It took us five years to write what the roads said tell about your journey from the ideas of putting words actually down on paper. You five years ago I was actually still writing hard talk first I heard on and you. Even worse teams meet Monday ending where I started to erode we eat and as the leader and an hour. And I'm not rational I didn't want to ask you because it buried a lot of heart and I didn't really went in and I knew that it wastes the kind of this. I love being designed massive injures and in my heart and I have no idea what they admit it teens were injured Ross and I. Broken down and posted them on didn't worry her inspiration and and I couldn't win there and then I revisit that she leaner. I started. Undergoing hamster and your own child's head and hasn't you know I think that she has. And it what are all the things I need your sixteen and about how either I got pregnant. And it said this kind of started out as somebody iris she heal my title can stop. And had to be handed the Bronx I want to my own daughter and you guys. To remember that hair. So what is that it. Vice has what the road said as you said it's dedicated to your fifteen month old daughter initially this story was a letter to your childhood self. What did you want to tell that little girl back then and also tune your own little girl today. You know Harry he tries fit advice that I would like to get a myself as a child our right to our top moment IAE I want to raise my daughter Natalie and sometimes. You will go the wrong way on the wage they're right when he engaged in don't worry it's okay. I think bed one of the really beneficial. Or or aspects of a good children's book is that. Adults can read into an and there's a message and I wanted to share a page from want to Rhodes said. What you can't do it. You can send the road how do you now because you've come this far. How would you say that you learned that lesson of resilience that is such an important part of the book again for children as well as adults. We understand how Brazil hinged. We are actually the acting even in this exact moment after having gone through you know she Chama. And it. Right now we can see here and saying. Oh my gosh I am Sauer. I need your disagreed we are feeling our own resilience yellow in a moment longer CE resilient. We really just feel kind of freedom we're not sure we don't know or don't even realize that. Yeah right now in our culture that we had calm this aren't there when the hardest thing there are many history. And you said that your work usually starts with an idea that his helped you and and you start drafting it until it's as simple as possible Y can get is its simplicity can often be difficult to achieve. Get emotional you are always tight each of these knots and union all of these stories in history we tell ourselves it was three other people telex. For Nissan and why you started raining. What I assume all PG&E. A while back you wrote that you had no appetite for politics is a teenager in over the last few years you become more vocal about political and racial justice causes if you do you really evolved from positive change in a personal sense to have positive change all around us why do you feel that transition is important. Yeah do you in hi I'm years and why. I'm I have Jensen much where I'm my solace. You run. To love myself enough to know that I half hour he changed and that took responsibility very seriously. And what are something he never I've written about how BA's smallest. Recycling. Henis you protest teach you. I'm voting Julian there's so many ways that we can. May it ends in our hands society Ian bush in be part of me eating batter are solid and bring my beauty. Rightly started talking about how powerful we are I think we heard your fifteen Euro is fifteen month old. Yeah. Yeah. Immediately yeah. I. We appreciate aired Chiming in and we appreciate you coming on the show in talking with us today Cleo and you can purchase what the road said anywhere books a salt.

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{"duration":"5:02","description":"Cleo Wade, bestselling author and artist, joins the show to talk about her new children’s book, “What the Road Said,” and the inspiration behind it.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Lifestyle","id":"77473993","title":"Author Cleo Wade: ‘We are feeling our own resilience’","url":"/Lifestyle/video/author-cleo-wade-feeling-resilience-77473993"}