Beltway Bites: Step into the kitchen of Maketto in DC for some delicious buns

ABC News' Maggie Rulli makes pork buns with chef James Wozniuk in the kitchen of Maketto.
13:12 | 02/15/17

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Transcript for Beltway Bites: Step into the kitchen of Maketto in DC for some delicious buns
We're showing you guys. Katic something here in addition to wonderful science you also specializing. Yet as phonies and like Taiwanese and Cambodia inspired. An embryonic average it's just me about his creepy often trip through southeast Asia's Ryan herbs. To attract them here is so definitely let's not walk eat and talk and are gonna head back toward the kitchen. He has one more sat looks so yes so holding up. Highly your reading T shirts for sale tons of gold bracelets and hats and into this entire wall of sneakers behind me. We'll acrid. Me and talk about pay a holiday here. I don't think there's a lot of heavy in my hand came just have been at the plate to take over for me. But top hat and carried it lifestyle thank you you work. It's such an interesting human speech that I've never bent in or seen anything like and for to be in DC which. To be fair DC and PO criticizes the Eagles about politics and nine time all. We've got politics. But we've also got this road west who thieving cultures. Team that's been becoming something. Yeah it's pretty amazing a moved here in Oakmont and it was an independent news and nothing near what it is now. Its stake palaces in the bottle it kind of like French food and things like that and now fast forward to it when he seventeen and I mean it's. We're not really amazing place. Tons of make things. I mean anything you can think WD. Now I know you probably find it here in McKenna actually did get out of it evaporated here are the what are they. All right today something really simple. I got these bold and fun minute steamy stuff and then. Far tossed most and for ambulances and makes them fumbled it moments. Where people have gotten comes. Needs. Are actually like I when he was inspired so. And then again just a little. All right let me just checking about magnolia tree in the digital part of our beltway by fear that we take a look at them that signals you. Food being faced the that he had offered him talk EPS. A lot of politics happening here right now also food and culture and write your McKenna. At the better or at it now sneakers and they also felt. Themed fun though Jane fears that it is taking up. Kitchen personal. In that they think they're just it is ready for dinner tonight anthrax started freak accident that cafe on the take parents. On what you need and can you actually make that. I'm not a venue I would think that I actually paid them back. Very simple. My very civil very straight and testing here the is applicable to bunt right here. Did in giving hippie days to get it done any Asian market respect though don't really. Be wary about spending a lot of time trying to make it home and then in messed up and and whenever I don't know but in the freezer section resistance again that affect. And then all we have. Yet it basically whatever you want these this is just before we marinated roast here. The bed hooked sport. Beginning to do with the chicken you can do to all you can do live told the you can do if they had not like anything you want doesn't have to be approached it could be vegetables eggplant. Whatever that affect. But right right behind you you are actually seeing the clothes need to be done the right about a minute and half. The yet he's in a basket you can buy it is a market as well. Exactly just put on problem lot of women water and you're good to go. And so yep gotta cork if you Cumberland times nice crunch fresh. Little scallions. Some salons row and these are some. Our loved doing. That and they department store. Or I mean you want apartment house. Area. All right got them out pressing need it's. Even demonstrate it is. Or are here to meet. Hill that is coming grandkids. Bill and Tom you know. Make him they could do a lot of stuff as well so exactly in my camera. So you get here you're Steve Dunbar going on any good at this event and ride him but you have I had for you think. You've covered that have been chopped scallions a bonds though it must. Things that look everything about the pain pain. Yes they're pretty good. And it's thirteen employees then. We actually have. There's even so a lot of we will be selling this let me get your. Back you know business we're it back to exactly is probably has about fifteen ingredients and it ages any secret. I can't let an Olympian and I am here allowed not to make it home it. Yet if that Ernesto. All right now come back here. Let's open it. You can do whatever you want. Movement and he. The little Bal sauce. I thought birds you know I mean look. I can't get an obscene it. I think it went together. The fun. The software you how much. Oh I mean that the healing ineligible. For the debt. It ain't got report at eight the but it keep them here on work on yet you support on there. And I guess they don't have used marketplace Tocqueville. Exactly where he's just some type really just. Like what's that it definitely think you're getting all about texture and flavor. When you coming here and keep her. It is coming together to that of I think onion. I think Helen Morgan yeah. I think get a bit as. In the coming years would leave my. I'm actually learning from you can't act. But we're taking them. I mean up W. Yeah bulk of the seeing yeah. Yeah but it. Oh come on a lot of you know for the envelope. Too much I want I reveal plan. I didn't get a little. Things Syria. Now. I got. They get everything. So. Humid you'll get a chance to see any evidence it didn't help me legal in this. This president a little bit and I'll. Yeah you never know you never that's exactly maybe maybe a little. It eludes them off the end here. It. Got and I don't might ask you all things serious OK that your. Then again he got the word unraveled we just think Cleveland says. I yeah. Making news nepotism. Listen. Flood control room would you eat and that was pretty good. I feel like I it was a I. I mean very mind yes even here's to us the professional. Myself and you. As James was telling if it whenever I didn't mean that home what you're reading night and fun fun from the intersection. And then it's really fun. Due at home that but the money. Every line. Eight recommend. Pena and friends and finally. It this. Skinny well. OK so let's not me I need now. That game for not. Yes yes it is. Or. They think about never. All about me. And divide it up front I. Peanuts. Fidelity you know it. In Sweden also. Qualified vice then there. Leveling. For myself. I'm never thought that. Yeah it's it's very simple and you know this is this is just Lutheran. You can really do anything you want you know your favorite vegetables or favorite vehicle but over and there like it doesn't matter how. I've. And I think we'll talk about and I think Andy. Let them. Had sodomy and everything report there's. I hope so I mean I love the concept an island out of London the other people executed well. I think they'll hang up yet there. Somewhere besides they're really only made it definitely voting here. Her wallet if you're going to add one more thing. The kid. We'll have an idea I had my iMac personal. It but I want. Everything I'm about that. Figure things might OK I think I should add something that's. Theory that it. Each. Where the team that hadn't really comfy chair in corporate. Or pop morning. All day all day I got that I'll keep minutes ago. I do you have parties in the summer union. You do viewing parties. We don't let the courtyard its tenant right now it's really cold but I mean we have. We set up massive TVs we have people come and play video games like I wanted Atlanta. Donovan you can't just at last year Ari did. What did thank you so much thank you for my son for teaching at an eighteen months of the present people on the Cameron academy in Washington. Yeah Strickland a thousand. It certainly but yes it yup. Here in art building to be. And then just the White House straight out about the land much about. Again it's a great fan it's a great time to be alive he's. I don't Orvella event coming up at one of my feet. I'll be back to and it has some of the teams though. RA I really get breaking news it's nothing around them hundreds of programming throughout the day yet provide thank you.

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{"duration":"13:12","description":"ABC News' Maggie Rulli makes pork buns with chef James Wozniuk in the kitchen of Maketto.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Lifestyle","id":"45512972","title":"Beltway Bites: Step into the kitchen of Maketto in DC for some delicious buns","url":"/Lifestyle/video/beltway-bites-step-kitchen-maketto-dc-delicious-buns-45512972"}