Colorado woman wins over $133M Powerball jackpot

Judy Finchum won the $133.2 million prize playing the same numbers she has used for 30 years.
1:56 | 09/20/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Colorado woman wins over $133M Powerball jackpot
For thirty long years a Colorado woman faithfully played the same powerball numbers on Tuesday. For patients was are awarded as Judy collected a 133 million dollar Jack. But that's right so the numbers are birthdays as extensions family members as wealth around. Well now she and her husband Matt have big plans for the cash. They say they'll help families friends it even hurricane and forest fire victims Judi says she was shocked when she saw the winning numbers come up. On. The first thing that comes up on the problem like well is that aren't all. Members and I saw it as they always have the power ball much bigger than the rest of them I sought 24 and very I've won some money. You know because I had left the power. And I thought okay now let conceit which opened ones. And it's unlike in that it is like 1718. 24 hour 25 but this time I am totally free to now and I'm like do on the list. So I grabbed the ticket might do I think this my husband Matthew he's still sleep and I don't I'm not like him I said Mack maximum don't want this mess. You can keep it pop art that fact which honestly I thought I was. It's great air that particular. Day. Well actually holds about supply and spending more on the people. It Matt matter your next meal. Well I do you want to wake up for this. It Judy by the way pick a lump sum payment the 67 year old wants to see what not having to work. Feel like that she also retired. From her job of selling real estate and Xerox machines. Her husband says he just wants a new set of tires not a new one one year old truck just in tires just in time.

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{"id":49977262,"title":"Colorado woman wins over $133M Powerball jackpot ","duration":"1:56","description":"Judy Finchum won the $133.2 million prize playing the same numbers she has used for 30 years.","url":"/Lifestyle/video/colorado-woman-wins-133m-powerball-jackpot-49977262","section":"Lifestyle","mediaType":"default"}