Spam turns 80 and here's its story

ABC News profiled the mystery meat in 1987 in celebration of its 50th birthday.
3:00 | 07/05/17

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Transcript for Spam turns 80 and here's its story
Finally this evening asserted which we are sure will appeal particularly to those of you who have a passion. For obscure anniversaries. That's right it was fifty years ago today that the government granted the trademark to the food but millions of us now know as spam. As ABC's Judd rose reports the rest is history. The year was 1937. The Hindenburg blew up. Emilia air heart went down Snow White came out and America first heard that four letter word. The spam. Here's the third that all America it's from the Carter Minnesota. Spam that's short for spiced ham is not just America's favorite can't meet its an institution a lunch loaf legend it's red it they'd be good. Nall and it like an apple you can share with your dog it's it's better not. This is spam and its natural state from here it's off to hog heaven where the port is pressed into cans. Three point six cans of spam are confirmed other second. 121000 every hour with bad news for those that report billion France's 1937. But numbers don't explain how a humble can oppressed pig hearts became an enduring cultural icon. No the miracle league has a fascinating cast a story that spans five decades of American history. My fit that may fifth riot. Saying it called our armed. Spam got its first big boost in the early forties when burns and Allen promoted it on their hit radio show. And imagine eating spam between a Vanderbilt and a master. We have got a good between mad men pick up. Then spam went to war countless tons of it so much many GI's swore they'd never eat it again and ridiculed spam as ham that couldn't pass its physical. The jokes haven't stopped since Monty Python presented the diner that serve only. It's. Sausage is an. There are spam spoofs like the annual Texas spam cook off first prize to eat spam Erica is tough. They look Mikey likes it. One clear that there. I like Halloween candy but you better cam that laughter despite all the sham spam out there it's got the market cornered. Sixty million people you get worldwide and it probably be around another fifty years from now. It's got a shelf life longer than Chernobyl I think so happy fiftieth miracle meat and Bernard beard. Through these this premier. Make fun if you want but say this about spam you just can't keep it down. Judd rose ABC news Austin Minnesota. That's our report on world news tonight I'm Peter Jennings. Have a good evening good dinner good night.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"ABC News profiled the mystery meat in 1987 in celebration of its 50th birthday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Lifestyle","id":"48449692","title":"Spam turns 80 and here's its story","url":"/Lifestyle/video/spam-turns-80-story-48449692"}