5 Ways Halloween Has Changed Since You Were a Kid

More sexy costumes, fewer sweet treats, less freedom.

Parents worry today about sugar and calorie counts in candy, and many don't know their neighbors -- so forget trick-or-treating. Halloween costumes seem to get sexier and more expensive every year, but at the same time, many schools ban dressing up on Oct. 31.

Here's how else Halloween has changed in the past decade:

Before: Trick-or-Treating at the Neighbors'

Now: Trick-or-Treating on Main Street

Years ago, kids wandered the neighborhood knocking on doors and filling plastic pumpkins with sour candies and miniature chocolate bars. Now, many parents are uneasy about letting their children go door-to-door, and prefer to go trick-or-treating at local stores and businesses.

Before: Sugar Highs All Around

Now: Got Allergies? No Problem.

Health-conscious parents have also started to consider more nutritious treats for trick-or-treaters to avoid kids overdoing it on the sugar and calories.

Before: Sexy Halloween Costumes

Now: Sexy Halloween Costumes ... For Kids

Halloween has long been a holiday to get creative when it comes to what you wear, and oftentimes that involves attire you probably wouldn't wear to the office.

But in recent years, the sexy costume trend has drifted into the kids' aisle, and more tots and tweens are dressing up as sexy cats or scantily-dressed superheroes.

Before: We Called October 31 Halloween

Now: Schools Rename Holiday 'Character Day'

Or "Pajama Day" or "Costume Day" or "Orange and Black Day," depending on where you live. And some schools don't even allow kids to dress up, claiming the costumes are a distraction.

Before: Carving Pumpkins

After: Painting Pumpkins

Hey, it's safer. Speaking of safety concerns, remember bobbing for apples? That also doesn't happen as much anymore, but when it does, parents will change out the water between kids.