See this woman's hilarious rant about her 'fantasy' team

VIDEO: Womans hilarious rant about her fantasy
WATCH Woman's hilarious rant about her 'fantasy team'

A woman's hilarious rant about her husband's fantasy football league has moms everywhere in stitches.

Carey Reilly, a comedian, blogger and talk show host of “The Daily Glow” at Little Things on Facebook Live posted the video to her page last week. It's been viewed nearly 150,000 times so far.

In the video, she talks about what her fantasy team would look like. It would include a cleaning lady – no, wait, two cleaning ladies -- a chef, a tutor for the children, a driver and more.

"The chances of my fantasy league ever happening ever happening is zilch,” she told ABC News. “I wear all the hats."

Her husband's team, on the other hand, is "unstoppable."

"Men being involved in a 'fantasy' anything is ridiculous to moms," Reilly said. "As moms, we never stop getting stuff done. Our to-do list is never done. We don’t have time for fantasy. We are living in the real world and if we don’t make these lunches for our children they are going to starve. Fantasy that!"