Little Boy Wows the Internet With His Rendition of 'You Are So Beautiful'

The video of Josiah Harris, 5, singing has been seen 2 million times.

— -- A video of a young boy who expertly sings "You Are So Beautiful" to his mother has gone viral.

"He has been singing since he was 2," Harris told ABC News.

Josiah's mother, who is based in Houston, Texas, said it's no surprise that her son has become a great singer at such a young age.

"I always used to play [Johann Sebastian] Bach when he was in the womb," she noted. "My whole family is full of music. I am a singer myself."

Harris said her son may not be a professional singer when he grows up, if he has his way. "When he grows up he wants to be a doctor," she said.

Still, she's cherishing his singing for now.

"When he sings to me I feel like the greatest mother in the world," Harris said. "When he sings, I see a little boy made out of love!"