5-Year-Old Cancer Survivor Gets Wish to ‘Roar’

Check out this amazing kid channeling Katy Perry in her own music video.

May 12, 2014— -- She's got the eye of the tiger.

After beating cancer, a 5-year-old from Alexandria, Va., recently celebrated her victory with Make-A-Wish, when the foundation granted her wish to film an homage to the Katy Perry video for the song "Roar."

The spunky girl named Addy was diagnosed at age four with stage IV metastatic cancer, a spokesperson for Make-A-Wish told ABC News.

"During her long hospital visits, chemotherapy and radiation treatments, Addy would spend hours drawing and, when she felt up for it, practicing her singing and dancing," said the spokesperson. "When she learned she would be granted a wish, she asked to be a pop star performing “Roar” by Katy Perry--her favorite artist."

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Donning a purple wig, sparkly costumes and a microphone, Addy marches through the video with all of the vim and vigor of a true pop star. And as a cherry on top of the sweet experience, Katy Perry also tweeted at Addy over the weekend, wishing her a happy birthday and saying she loved her video.

The Make-A-Wish foundation is a longstanding nonprofit providing wishes to children suffering from illness.

"Wish kids tell us that a wish experience made them feel better socially and emotionally, improved their health and strength, gave them more confidence and the will to pursue more challenging life goals, and even helped to save their lives," said a spokesperson. "Medical professionals say the wish experience can improve their patients' state of mind, their willingness to comply with treatment requirements, their response to treatment, and their physical health."

Check out the complete video of Addy singing "Roar" here.