9-Year-Old Is an In-Demand Photographer

Regina Wyllie is following in the footsteps of her pro photographer dad.

— -- A 9-year-old in Scotland is following in the footsteps of her professional photographer dad.

Regina Wyllie, who lives with her family on the west coast of Scotland, first picked up a camera at the age of 3 when she joined her dad, Kevin Wyllie, in photographing a mountain bike race.

Three years later, at the age of six, Regina accompanied her father while he photographed a welcome home parade for soldiers returning from Afghanistan.

Wyllie, the owner of KSG Photography, told ABC News one of the military veterans chose to purchase Regina’s photograph over his. Since then, she has joined her father on photography shoots “whenever possible,” according to Wyllie, and has quickly become an in-demand photographer.

“It's quality time with my daughter doing something we both love,” he said. “All the money in the world could never come close to that feeling.”

Regina saw her work published for the first time in a local magazine last year, according to Willey. This year, Regina is being requested by brides who have hired her father to photograph their special day.

“I honestly couldn’t be any more proud,” said Wyllie, who has another budding photographer daughter.

He added, “But I don't pressure her into anything as I'm just happy that she enjoys her photography without worrying about whether it's going to be a business for her or not.”