Yogurt Craze Comes to Body Wash

PHOTO: A woman is seen wearing a face mask. Getty Images
A woman is seen wearing a face mask.

Do you love yogurt? Like really, really love it? Do you love yogurt so much you want to bathe in it?

Now you can.

And this yogurt body wash isn't of the DIY variety. Nor is it made by some new-age, Etsy-based company. Dial is the company behind the yogurt-based body line, with flavors like Frozen Yogurt (Fro Yo) and Vanilla honey yogurt body wash, Greek Yogurt lotion, and Vanilla Honey hand soap with "protein-packed yogurt."

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The ingredients of the line include, among many other things, Hydrolyzed Yogurt Protein. "Give your skin a delicious, deeply hydrating serving of nutrition," the description of the Greek yogurt lotion reads.

Dial isn't the only company to manufacture yogurt-based beauty products, though it is likely the largest.

Korres makes a Greek yogurt face cream and a makeup primer, sold at Sephora for about $30.