Young Sweethearts Holding Hands Survive Lightning Strike

The teens were walking outside when they were struck by lightning.

— -- The love between two California teenagers literally turned electric as their public display of affection may have saved their lives.

Dylan Corliss and Lexie Varga were walking Thursday in Claremont when they said they were struck by lightning. The bolt hit him first.

“One second we were (in) one place talking and then suddenly we were on the ground looking at each other just screaming,” Corliss recalled. “Because we were holding hands, it transferred through me through her hands and into her body and then out of her foot.”

The teenagers suffered minor injuries. Dr. Stefan Reynoso said their hand-holding may have saved them.

“I believe that holding hands may have helped dissipate some of that electrical voltage,” he said.

After their frightening brush with death, Corliss and Varga joked that they have a new "electric" love.

“I've heard that we have an electric relationship and I also heard that sparks flew, and, yeah, that it’s really shocking,” said Corliss.

The two are celebrating their six month anniversary this weekend and they now have a striking new chapter to add to their love story.

“Holding hands is a good thing because if we hadn't, we wouldn't have shared the strike,” said Corliss.

“I think we're just happy to be here,” Varga added.