Vision for a Healthier World: Vitamin A Saving Lives

Thanksgiving Dinner Saving Lives in Burkina Faso
2:09 | 11/23/11

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Transcript for Vision for a Healthier World: Vitamin A Saving Lives
Nearly all of the children Burkina paso are malnourished but not only did not -- enough calories they're not getting enough vitamin -- it didn't take long for me to see -- firsthand. I'm looking at -- up for signs of malnutrition and there's a number. In addition to the very thin arms. His hair is very sparse at his belly is quite -- and then looking at his head at his. The tone of his muscles in his in his legs it's very. Very floppy and -- it's time -- Trojan. He's not supporting has not supporting his way to sign that is muscles are very very -- By measuring arm circumference you can see how severely malnourished child is this child's arm you can see it's in -- -- -- -- severe malnutrition. At this stage this child's -- should be 50%. This is a period of rapid brain growth and body -- If you miss it now in -- wrapped around the world 100 in 27 million preschool children in seven million pregnant women are -- -- native -- Those babies the -- winds and debt. It's a huge cost of children's death because it doesn't just weaken your vision it weakens your entire immune system measles -- real deaths. All -- -- all all linked to vitamin and if you can correct that deficiency you can reduce. The death rate of kids by about 23% just huge it's the biggest intervention and public health. And if you look a little closer it's clear progress is being made here. This clinic is full of mothers who -- being held and look at these children before and after they've gotten better nutrition. The World Health Organization harvest -- and Helen Keller international for just a few of the organization leading the charge. The solution is simple these -- capsules vitamin -- it takes just two of these -- get a child enough vitamin a for an entire year. They cost just pennies. I can't think of a cheaper way to save a life. Is. There's something -- that people in America can can participate. I think anybody in America to participate in these approaches a lot of good agencies out there doing very good work like this. It's just some donations routine donations to keep these programs going is an incredible contribution.

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{"id":15019887,"title":"Vision for a Healthier World: Vitamin A Saving Lives","duration":"2:09","description":"Thanksgiving Dinner Saving Lives in Burkina Faso","url":"/MillionMomsChallenge/video/improving-health-burkina-faso-15019887","section":"MillionMomsChallenge","mediaType":"default"}