Sweet Potatoes in Burkina Faso

A simple food that saves lives.
1:48 | 11/23/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sweet Potatoes in Burkina Faso
-- -- -- -- -- -- Good reason to give them. Not turkeys -- cranberries but in new crop in their villages far off in Orange sweet potato. He's too sweet potatoes look the same this native -- when you cut it open. Is white inside. This new and that was introduced its is orange. Color makes all the difference. That's because the orange means it has beta care to which your body turns into vitamin -- Without an appointment -- babies can go blind even god pregnant women super Nightline's. Orange vs white. How did you all figure this out I came across -- like sweet potatoes it's like oh what is this because for an American. When even though -- -- -- -- it looked like this will be a great way by just changing. Vitamin a content of these victims through catalog more vitamin people's life. So scientists from Helen Keller international gave African win. An 80% of African farmers are with the a new hybrid sweet -- African but mortgage. The result from. We electorate went. I can feel my vitamin a -- rising. Communities. She says it gives us the vitamins we need to fight off disease. Believe their three children have no complaints well. Thankfully -- -- crop credit card and she had after she can sell. It's much nutrition things when they now have a bit of income and spend more on health care spend more. On the kids' education really transforms people's lives a little bit of -- health revolution with nothing other than a vegetable. With a different colors really -- Doctor Richard messrs. ABC news for -- -- West Africa.

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{"id":15019920,"title":"Sweet Potatoes in Burkina Faso","duration":"1:48","description":"A simple food that saves lives.","url":"/MillionMomsChallenge/video/sweet-potatoes-burkina-faso-15019920","section":"MillionMomsChallenge","mediaType":"default"}