Beyonce ‘Lied to Me,’ Wails Teen Feeling Effects of Dental Surgery Drugs

Cody Lanphere loves Beyonce. A lot.

He loves her so much that when he had his wisdom teeth removed under anesthesia on Monday, the 17-year-old, still feeling the effects of the drugs, started wondering where his idol was. She had apparently promised to be there, waiting for him.

When his mother, Christine Weber Livingston, told the teen that Beyonce “couldn’t make it,” he had a meltdown in the car on the way home, and Livingston, of Benson, N.C., caught it all on tape.

“Where is Beyonce? She told -- she told me she’d be here. She lied to me! She lied to me, mommy,” Lanphere, mouth full of gauze, wailed, eyes shimmering with tears.

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He also asked his mother “Where’s my heart?” to which she replied, laughing, “It’s in your chest.”

It didn’t stop there. In a nearly 12-minute long video, Lanphere had several amusing things to say on a variety of topics. For example, he questioned why the gauze needed to be in his mouth.

When his mother replied that his doctor, Dr. French, said so, Lanphere responded: “Well, Dr. French isn’t American, so what does he know?”

And when Livingston asked Lanphere is he knew where they were going, he said “Africa?” And when she asked him why they would be going to Africa, he said: “To see Beyonce.”

In an interview with ABC News on Thursday night, Lanphere, a competitive hip-hop dancer and freshman at Johnston Community College in Smithfield, N.C., said he was stunned when his mother showed him the video.

“My reaction was complete bewilderment … I couldn’t even believe that that’s how I was acting because I don’t remember any of it,” he said.

Describing himself as a social, outgoing person, he said the medication "brought out a more outgoing side of me."

Lanphere definitely isn't shocked by his Beyonce comments. After all, meeting her has long been a dream of his. He’d love to be one of her backup dancers.

“Ah, Beyonce,” he said. “Who doesn’t love her? I love her -- I mean, she’s amazing. I love what she stands for, all about independence … I’ve loved her since Destiny’s Child.”

Livingston said her son had taken Valium before the surgery, and so was “a little loopy” even before the procedure. Once he started asking for Beyonce, a nurse encouraged his mother to record it all.

She did, and posted it on Facebook for friends and family, many of whom encouraged her to share it even wider.

“My son has never had surgery he has never had drugs or anything, so this is quite a reaction to say the least,” she said of her reaction to Lanphere’s ramblings.

As for the positive reaction the video’s getting on Facebook, Livingston says she’s happy if it lifts people’s spirits.It’s also a little bit of maternal payback, she said.

“My son likes to tweet about me … you know, I was like, this is mommy’s ultimate revenge,” she said.