GOP Senator Calls for 'Adult' Third-Party Presidential Candidate

Sen. Ben Sasse is sticking to his anyone-but-Trump position.

“Why shouldn’t America draft an honest leader who will focus on 70% solutions for the next four years? You know ... an adult?” he asked.

“I believe that most Americans can still be for limited government again -- if they were given a winsome candidate who wanted Washington to focus on a small number of really important, urgent things -- in a way that tried to bring people together instead of driving us apart,” he continued.

Nor, he said, should lawmakers apply “an ideological purity test” to the candidate because he or she would “almost certainly be more conservative than either of the two dishonest liberals now leading the two national parties.”

While many of Sasse’s fellow lawmakers have expressed skepticism of Trump, the Republican senator mostly stands alone in his public desire for a third-party candidate to compete alongside the likely Republican nominee.