Octogenarian Couple Poses for Photo Op After Flipping Car

California couple did not let a bad situation get in the way of a photo op.

ByABC News
June 26, 2014, 2:26 PM

— -- A California couple did not let a flipped car, with the wife trapped inside, get in the way of a photo opportunity.

Benjamin and Elizabeth Neufeld were driving into their Bel Air, Calif., home last Friday when their Honda flipped on its side.

Benjamin Neufeld, 87, was able to get out of the car on his own while his wife, 85-year-old Elizabeth Neufeld, the car's driver, was stuck inside.

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Unhurt and waiting for emergency responders to arrive, Elizabeth took the opportunity to pull out her phone and share the moment.

“I don’t know if she was taking selfies or if she was texting or what she was doing,” the Neufelds’ neighbor, Cara Steinberg, told ABC's Los Angeles station KABC.

Steinberg captured a photograph of the Neufelds seemingly posing for photos together, with Mrs. Neufeld inside the car, with her phone, and Mr. Neufeld standing next to her on the car's outside.

The couple said they do not how the car overturned. Once everyone realized that Elizabeth was unharmed, the sight of her trapped inside the car, and on her cell phone, became a neighborhood spectacle.

“Out came the cameras and she grabs out her cell phone and starts texting people and takes a little selfie of herself,” neighbor Ryan Steinberg told KABC.

"I'm sending her pictures while she's trapped in this car, and Ben is right outside the car just kind of going, 'Hey, you OK in there?,'" added Cara Steinberg.

Elizabeth Neufeld declined to go on camera once she was safely removed from the car, but her husband of over 60 years, Benjamin, told KABC he could not confirm that his wife was taking selfies.

“As far as I know she was just sitting there, or lying there I suppose,” Neufeld told KABC.

“A lot of people were taking photos and that’s one of the problems with the modern age,” he said. “You can’t get away from it.”