People's Platelist Winner: Henry Chandler of Henry's Louisiana Grill

Henry Chandler of Acworth, Ga., received the most votes across America.

Sept. 27, 2010— -- Henry Chandler, the chef and owner of Henry's Louisiana Grill, in Acworth, Ga., received the most votes from viewers across America to earn the title of the "Nightline" People's Platelist.

"The one thing about food in Louisiana is in good times and bad it pulls people together," said Chandler, 51. "I love to cook because I love to see my friends, my family and my customers enjoy the food so much."

In June, "Nightline" launched the People's Platelist contest -- a search for the best undiscovered chefs in the country. We asked viewers to nominate a beloved local chef for a "Platelist" feature. More than 1,000 viewers wrote in, singing the praises of chefs whose creative and delicious cuisines have dazzled their palettes.

Twenty finalists were chosen in August and 18 submitted short videos. Then, we put it back to you for a popular vote. Chandler received more than 10,000 votes.

CLICK HERE to watch Chandler's video submission.

Watch "Nightline" Friday at 11:35 p.m. ET to see Henry Chandler's Platelist profile.

Read one of the nomination essays for Chandler below:

HENRY CHANDLER, Henry's Louisiana Grill, Acworth, Ga.

Chef Henry brought a new life to the small town of Acworth, Ga., by opening his restaurant, Henry's Louisiana Grill, nearly 10 years ago. He was experienced in Cajun cooking even at a young age. He was raised by his grandmother in her Louisiana home. He later attended a European culinary school for three years. His business has boomed since the day he opened in Acworth. It continued to do so throughout his two-year battle with cancer. He went into remission last year. Not once did his business suffer.

This is due, in part, to his amazing Cajun cuisine, especially his Shrimp "Ooh La La." It is a wonderful dish comprised of sauteed shrimp, spinach and garlic in a thick spicy cream sauce served over either pasta or a bread tower. IT IS AMAZING!!! My mouth is watering just thinking about it!!!

Chef Henry is in the restaurant every day. When he is not in the kitchen cooking or supervising, he is making his rounds in the dining area. He makes it a point to go to each table and talk personally with each guest. He is a hit with the young and old alike. People drive from all over Georgia to eat Henry's delicious Cajun treats! Take one little boy growing up in a Louisiana kitchen at his nanny's elbow. Mix in college in Lafayette, Mardi Gras in New Orleans and Christmas Festivals in Natchitoches.

Marinate for three years in European culinary schools. Return to the States for further seasoning. Observe carefully as ingredients ignite. Contain fiery mixture in small town restaurant and present: Chef Henry Chandler!