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RAYMOND ARPKE, Euphemia Haye, Longboat Key, Fla.

Chef Raymond Arpke grew up in a mental institution, the Sheboygan County Hospital in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. He wasn't a patient, his parents ran the place. It's where he learned to cook and it provided fodder for his recently published cookbook, "You Don't Have To Be Crazy, But It Helps, Recipes and Rantings of a Madman."

As of 2010, Chef Ray and his wife, D'Arcy, have been proprietors of Euphemia Haye Restaurant on Longboat Key, Florida for 30 years. Chef Ray refers to his cuisine as global eclectic. Euphemia Haye and the upstairs Haye Loft Lounge and Dessert Room, which features live jazz nightly, is arguably one of the finest and most romantic restaurants on the Gulf Coast of Florida. Two signature dishes always on the menu are the Roasted Duckling with a succulent nightly sauce, and their Prime Peppered Steak, a memorable feast for any avid meat eater. In the dessert room it's the Apple Walnut Crumble Pie. Nightly specials are a joy.

Chef Ray is a very personable local "character" who can break out the lyrics to most any 60s hit (or Frank Zappa composition) in a finger snap, and keep a cooking class of 50 laughing and entertained for three hours, with the help of the wine pairings. He has a personal dedication to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF), and his generosity to community organizations is exemplary. I would like to formally nominate Chef Raymond Arpke as a People's Platelist member in good standing.

CLIVE BARNES, Sweet Fingers Restaurant, San Leandro, CA

Its seductive lore set my senses on fire and took me to another place. My eyes were immediately drawn to Jamaican flags, Bob Marley photos, tablecloths dawning rich Jamaican colors, people smiling, laughing, socializing while enjoying homemade ginger beer, rum punch and blue mountain coffee. Listen to Rasta music humming in the background, people speaking Patois, and the knocking of pots and pans amongst roaring flames in the kitchen. Smell fresh cut onions, garlic, rosemary, thyme, pineapple, coconut, and lime. Taste crab cake hors d'oeurves, sizzling shrimp, mouth watering oxtails, and succulent chicken entrees seasoned to perfection. Feel the Ire vibe.

Chef Clive Barnes created this piece of Jamaica nestled away in San Leandro. This describes my first experience at Sweet Fingers Restaurant and the reason for nominating Chef Clive Barnes for the Nightline People's Platelist.

Born and raised in rural Jamaica (near Kingston) Clive Barnes' passion and gift for cooking was influenced by his grandmother's unique flair for making flavors dance. At age 20 Clive packed his bags to come to the United States to begin a new chapter in his life. One year later he was hired as a short order cook at a corporate café at the infamous World Trade Center in New York. It was there that many top executives took notice of his gift with food and encouraged him to open his own restaurant. Soon Clive began studying at the New York Food and Hotel Management School to become a professionally trained chef. He graduated at the top of his class. Fast forward 20 years, Clive opened his first restaurant in Sacramento then relocated to San Leandro in 2007, appropriately naming it Sweet Fingers.

I asked Chef Clive to share his philosophy behind cooking. He says, "Food is the 'staff' of life so it should always be clean and fresh. We eat to live so always demand the highest quality then you will feel your best." Why did you become a chef? "The reason I became a chef is food is my first love. I cook because I love people." The menu at Sweet Fingers has more than 30 entrees; however his specialties are jerk chicken, oxtails, and curry goat. My favorites are red stripe chicken, lamb stew, and the Jamaican jambalaya.

What sets Chef Clive apart from other chefs is his ability to infuse love, the perfect balance of spices and flavors in every bite, in every dish, every time. Some folks have a talent for cooking, but Chef Clive has a true gift. He has a relationship with food that is indescribable and different to forget. His distinctive taste is created from an explosion of flavors from Italy, America, Mexico, Poland, Germany, China, and the Caribbean.

It is my wish that Chef Clive Barnes be the Nightline People's Platelist contest winner and his talent showcased for the world to enjoy his savory Jamaican cuisine.

MICHAEL DANA BENZO, Nestle USA Catering, Glendale, CA

Being brought up in a very poor home with no opportunities, at 18 with no direction in life, Michael entered the United States Air Force. After 10 years, he was honorably discharged as a disabled veteran. Still with no direction Michael moved straight from the Air Force into a civil service job with the United States Post office. Michael had always felt unfulfilled and always thought that there had to be something else out there for him.

Midlife had hit – and after 15 years with the Post Office, Michael got a wild hair. He bought a custom Harley Davidson Fat Boy and shortly thereafter drove to the Cordon Blue. With everything on the line Michael and his wife sunk every dime they had into the tuition and he quit a secure job with benefits to pursue a dream. Throwing caution to the wind, Michael was on his way to becoming a chef.

At 42 years old, standing at 6'2, 260 pounds, tattooed from his neck down to his knuckles, he walked into the Cordon Blue and knew instantly this was what he was meant to do. An ominous character, one of the oldest in his class, while putting young punk students in their places for wasting time and not appreciating the opportunities they had been given, Michael pushed through and graduated. He was now a chef.

Three years from graduating, without the gift of youth and time on his side Michael pushed hard and landed at the corporate offices of Nestle USA in Glendale, CA. He is the Catering/Private Chef in charge of catering events and formal plated events for up to 300 individuals. In addition, he is in charge of private executive parties for the CEO, other corporate officers and their high profile guests such as Wolfgang Puck, Magic Johnson and Jerry Rice.

He has changed the face of catering within this company and has turned it from a mediocre product into a first rate product that creates profitable revenue for his company. The wife of the CEO has requested that her husband limit is consumption of Michael's cooking because her husband had gained 10 pounds since Chef Michael's inception with the company. Michael has told the CEO first hand that he is neither his conscience nor his doctor, he is a chef that cooks to feed peoples' souls.

Before Nestle, on a temporary assignment with a huge company responsible for the world's entertainment, as not to offend the corporate officers by his appearance, this gentle giant was told move from the front of the house and sit in the back of the house to eat his lunch.

While first raising a few eyebrows at Nestle, the clients no longer see the ominous tattooed biker but now see a Chef who has a deep passion for the creation of beautifully prepared food and finds deep fulfillment in sharing his gifts with all who will partake. Chef Michael's mantra: Experience life and love through the art of food.

AJ BORMAN, Ponderosa Steak House, Dickson, TN

One by one, the young men were brought before the judge. Each was shackled at the wrists and ankles and was wearing an orange jumpsuit identifying him as an inmate in Tennessee's Dickson County jail. As I listened to their offences and their sentences, doled out matter-of-factly by the judge, the knot in my stomach deepened. I clasped my hands hard over it and thought, "If A. J. goes to prison, I'll die. I know what this kid is made of. He's not a thug."

I glanced at my grandson, A. J., sitting next to me. Barely 18 years old, he sat motionless. His face was drawn and ashen against the bleached white T-shirt he wore. I knew how frightened he was. He had spent a night in jail before his bail was posted using the savings bonds I had diligently saved expecting him to use them for college tuition. A.J.'s life had not been easy. He was rejected by his father (my son) and reared by his mother who worked long hours, often for less than living wage. Seeing the situation, my husband and I did all we could to fill the gap, but in the end, A. J. became a street kid. When his name was called, A. J. approached the bench and was joined his attorney. The judge listened patiently as the attorney described A.J. as a young man with potential who was taken in by sly characters who used him. He described A.J.'s history and affirmed his belief that A. J. could move past this and be a good citizen.

The attorney concluded A. J. had two things going for him: a job offer to cook for Ponderosa Steak House, and his grandmother who wanted him to be happy and successful.

Now, three years later, A. J. has discovered he loves cooking and has become a popular Ponderosa chef. His favorite presentation is a dish called 21 Shrimp. "First I warm the plate and imbed it with rice," describes A. J. "Then I season six marinated shrimp, put them on a skewer and grill them. Once they are going, I fry the remaining shrimp. When it's all cooked, I place the grilled shrimp over the rice and artistically place the fried shrimp around the plate. I top with kale. Voila!"

Because my family roots are along the Louisiana Gulf Coast, I encourage people to order this. I feel like we're all supporting the shrimpers there. Formal education classes are difficult for A. J. His hope for the future is that a master chef or restaurant manager will notice him and take him under their wing. For A.J., that means increasing his culinary knowledge and earning a good living. So, I nominate Chef A. J. Borman for his courage to turn his life around, his creativity to food and his commitment to a responsible adulthood.

SARA BROOK, Dessert Gallery Bakery and Café, Houston, TX

I nominate Sara Brook, founder of Dessert Gallery Bakery and Café in Houston. Her restaurant serves lunch, dinner, and of course dessert! In addition to her skills as a chef, Sara also demonstrates a commitment to following your passion, a dedication to helping others succeed, and a devotion to making the community a better place.

Sara's passion for baking started when she was a child, and as she grew she continually experimented with recipes in her family's kitchen. After graduating high school, she attended the University of Texas, studying computer science and sociology with plans to attend law school. She graduated number one in her class, and was working at a law firm while studying for the LSAT. While there, she discovered that her passions lie not in law but in baking, and she was determined to come up with a plan to succeed in doing what she loved. Over the next 20+ years, she grew her business from baking cakes in her parents' home, to now owning two restaurants and a commercial commissary that employs over 60 people. She demonstrates the importance of following your passion.

Her dedication to helping others succeed is demonstrated in the way that she has staffed her business. Sara now employs over 60 people, and numerous employees have been hired through the YMCA refugee settlement program. Many of those employees have now progressed into management positions at Dessert Gallery through the opportunities Sara has provided. It's not uncommon to find employees that have been with Sara for 10 or more years.

Her commitment to help the community extends beyond her work with refugees. She donates her time and creations to various charities. One in particular that she supports is the MD Anderson Cancer Center. She partners with them to provide special items sold to raise money for their Children's Art Project, with 100 percent of the proceeds going to that cause. This cause has special meaning to her, as her nephew received treatment for cancer at a young age.

Now the food! Walking into Sara's restaurant puts a smile on your face, and she keeps board games there to encourage her customers to relax and linger. The cases are filled with delectable desserts, and the menu is full of creative soups, salads, wraps, quiches, and specials. She has a commitment to using fresh ingredients and her specials are inspired by items she gets at local farmers markets. It's hard to pick one signature item, but two of the favorites are Old Fashioned Diner Cake (moist yellow cake with a chocolate butter cream frosting) and "The Brownie that Started it All" (dense chocolate brownie, which became the inspiration for starting Dessert Gallery).

Through all of her success, Sara has remained humble and appreciative. She is representative of what can be accomplished with both passion and hard work, and how you should share your success by helping others to succeed and by making your community a better place.

LUIS BRUNO, Huntington's Grille, Jackson, Miss.

Luis Bruno is the chef at Huntington's Grille in Jackson, Miss. Healthy recipes are most important to Chef Luis, whose inspirational story includes maintaining a non-surgical weight loss of 200 pounds through exercise and healthy eating.

In 2003, he weighed 400 pounds when health issues and uncontrolled diabetes forced him to close his celebrated restaurant , "Bruno's" and his doctor gave him just five years to live. One year later and half his size, he had turned his life around and his weight-loss efforts melded perfectly with Governor Haley Barbour's dedication to the health of Mississippi's citizens. Bruno returned as Executive Chef at the Governor's Mansion, where he remained until his appointment with The Hilton in Jackson as Chef at Huntington's Grille. Luis's recipes have a Caribbean flair and are some of the best. One of my favorites is "Banana Leaf Wrapped Buttered Snapper with Clams and Saffron Broth". He is quite the showman and is a local celebrity. You can be confident that Luis Bruno will be an outstanding choice...he will most likely win the I said he is quite the showman!

HENRY CHANDLER, Henry's Louisiana Grill, Acworth, GA

Chef Henry brought a new life to the small town of Acworth, GA, by opening his restaurant, Henry's Louisiana Grill, nearly 10 years ago. He was experienced in Cajun cooking even at a young age. He was raised by his grandmother in her Louisiana home. He later attended a European culinary school for three years. His business has boomed since the day he opened in Acworth. It continued to do so throughout his two year battle with cancer. He went into remission last year. Not once did his business suffer.

This is due, in part, to his amazing Cajun cuisine, especially his Shrimp "Ooh La La." It is a wonderful dish comprised of sautéed shrimp, spinach, and garlic in a thick spicy cream sauce served over either pasta or a bread tower. IT IS AMAZING!!! My mouth is watering just thinking about it!!!

Chef Henry is in the restaurant every day. When he is not in the kitchen cooking, or supervising, he is making his rounds in the dining area. He makes it a point to go to each table and talk personally with each guest. He is a hit with the young and old alike. People drive from all over Georgia to eat Henry's delicious Cajun treats! Take one little boy growing up in a Louisiana kitchen at his nanny's elbow. Mix in college in Lafayette, Mardi Gras in New Orleans and Christmas Festivals in Natchitoches.

Marinate for three years in European culinary schools. Return to the States for further seasoning. Observe carefully as ingredients ignite. Contain fiery mixture in small town restaurant and present: Chef Henry Chandler!

GREG DOBESH, Cowboy Catering, Broken Bow, NE

In the Gateway to the Sandhills in Broken Bow, NE lives a one-of-a-kind cowboy chef, Greg Dobesh. Raised on a 7,000 acre ranch, Greg was educated in a one room school house. Memories of baking potatoes on the heat stove and eating delicious home-cooked "stick to your ribs" meals influenced this man's palate for simple yet mouth-watering creations.

In a geographical location where cattle out-number people 10 to one and living 25 miles from the nearest town fostered imagination and creativity in operating the ranch as well as the ranch's kitchen. Greg built a portable smoker and rotisserie to prepare the best brisket, Navajo fry bread, and ranch beans in a traditional style honoring cowboys who traveled the prairie years ago. Greg restored an authentic chuck wagon and focuses on Dutch oven cooking. Many of the fresh ingredients, chilies, and jalapenos come from his garden to enhance his culinary creations.

Local friend and radio voice, Bob Bowls, coined Greg as "Tabasco Jack." This nickname fits Greg as he is a spicy character who is friendly to anyone willing to stop for a good story. Greg lives the great American dream to be a cowboy. He just told me he was bucked off his horse yesterday, but headed to Oklahoma for a barbeque contest tomorrow. Greg may not have a restaurant or fancy title, but he's a real person with a Platelist for the cowboy in us all.

RODNEY EINHORN, Terrapin Restaurant, Virginia Beach, Va.

Chef Rodney is the story of a local boy who had his struggles and has persevered to become the chef/owner of the number one restaurant in Virginia Beach and our Hampton Roads community.

We have followed this guy for many years. He was not the valedictorian, salutatorian or in the top 10%, but he did find his passion in the kitchen of a local Italian Restaurant and worked his tail off, while honing his craft, then went on to the CIA, and worked in some high profile restaurants in NYC and Aspen before coming back to his roots in Virginia Beach.

Rodney is the chef/owner of the White Tablecloth, Terrapin's restaurant in Virginia Beach. He is part of the slow food movement which supports the local farmers and utilizes local ingredients as much as possible. He has gained the esteem of his patrons and competitors alike. Rodney is active in the Southern Foodways Alliance and local charities. His grandfather owned a diner back in the 1970's and he finds comfort in his Southern roots, which is very evident in his current offering of fried chicken, and sweet potatoes.

Rodney is also known for his dishes with ramps, soft-shell crabs, scallops, flounder, duck, and the MAC and CHEESE. Terrapin's is also represented in our Buy Fresh/ Buy Local farmers market where he and his staff man a tent every Saturday morning in the summertime with Great Dane, Sage. He will sell out of his homemade mozzarella, fresh breads, and gelato.


Chef Glenn is co-owner of Edgars, an out of the way Akron restaurant – but our favorite in town. In a town like ours, any restaurant that brings together a diverse crowd (black, white, gay, straight, etc.) stands out. But what really stands out is Glenn's amazing food, with an emphasis on smoked meats and an unexpected combination of soul, Creole, mama's southern cooking, and Glenn's inventions.

One of my favorites is his wild mushroom soup with fried oyster crouton, or his three way smoked brochette (brisket, duck, pork), or the very best buttermilk soaked pecan fried chicken on the planet.

We've never had a time when Glenn didn't stop by our table, usually wearing a silly Scottish style golf cap (which looks especially silly on a 6 foot 3 inch stylish black guy). His smile doesn't quit. His passion for food is boundless. And his menus consistently come through. He's a gem.

EDDIE KWONG, E Noodles & Co, N. Myrtle Beach, SC

We live in a tourist area near Myrtle Beach with an abundance of restaurants, good and bad. You could go out to eat every night of the week for a year and never repeat. We found E NOODLES &CO by word of mouth, always the best way.

From our first visit there we found the owner/chef Eddie a delight. He greets everyone with a smile and an evening menu suggestion. The ambience is cozy, comfortable and pleasant, like returning to your favorite relative's kitchen.

His set menu and evening specials are always outstanding and consistently delicious. His wait staff is pleasant and knowledgeable about the execution and ingredients of every dish. Our favorite dish is Mussels in Black Bean Sauce with a close second of his Grouper tempura in Lemon Mushroom Sauce. Yum… Yum... The dishes are generous and very reasonably priced considering the quality of the dishes. We hope that Eddie's followers will nominate him for Myrtle Beach Top Chef!!!

MONICA MAY, Nickel Diner, Los Angeles, CA

Monica May at Nickel Diner in downtown Los Angeles is a creative genius. Nestled in the heart of skid row service providers, the diner is always busy. The desserts are original, made from scratch. The chocolate cake has a middle icing layer that contains peanut butter and potato chips! Unbelievably good. The Cilantro Lime Salmon salad introduced me to jicama and the salmon has pleased every picky eater I've brought to the place. Monica's business partner is Kristen Tratten who has created the ambiance of a bygone era. On their website, you can see it: Please take a look.

RON McFARLAIN, Ron's Cajun Connection, Utica, IL

My husband and I discovered this gem of a restaurant on a rainy trip to Starved Rock State Park in Northern Illinois. As we were leaving the park in the late afternoon on a Sunday, we were looking for a place to eat a late lunch. We had passed a few fast food places and local taverns in town, but out of town, on a desolate stretch of highway, we spotted Ron's Cajun Connection. The parking lot was packed. When we walked through the door we knew we had found a great place to eat and enjoy the atmosphere and food. The setting is an old farmhouse, which has not been changed in room layout since it was built decades ago. The space is tight and you get to know the folks around you real quick. The waitresses are bubbly, outgoing gals that know their Cajun menu because they are back in the kitchen helping Ron prepare his amazing dishes every day. We ordered and enjoyed waiting for our food while Ron came out and mingled with his patrons. He is full of life, loves his Cajun food, loves to tell you how to eat it, and even how he prepares it, if you ask. If you ask where he is from he will tell you all about Lake Charles, Louisiana, his hometown. He makes the eatery the place it is, along with his delicious, authentic Cajun specialties. The first time we went I had his special of the day which was barbecued ribs with shrimp etouffee and gumbo. The ribs were the best I have ever had. Tender, flavorful, and fall off the bone tender. The gumbo was delicious and the etouffee great. He has limited hours and yet each time, because we have been back several times, there is a line extending well beyond the door to get in. People come from miles away (we live over an hour away) to eat here. Most of his customers are people who have experienced Ron's and are coming back for more, but there are also a good amount of new customers that have heard how wonderful this place is and are willing to drive awhile to wait in line to get in to try this Southern cooking chef with his gift of getting you to feel as if you are all a big family eating together in the bayou of Lake Charles, Louisiana.

I live near Rockford, Illinois where there is every chain of restaurant available along with some nice local places, but we have never had anything that compares to Ron's near us. It is well worth the drive for something this special. I am proud to nominate them and believe they need to be seriously in the running.

POLLYANN MITCHELL, Café Royale, Pell City/Talladega, Ala.

I would like to nominate PollyAnn Mitchell. Polly lives in Pell City Alabama. She started a Gift Basket company in TN, but sold it when her racing hobby took off. She raced Porsches for several years THEN decided that she was interested in. cooking. She bought Cafe Royal in Talladega and turned it into a very nice little restaurant. Then she started her catering company.

Recently she opened her second restaurant, this one in Pell City, Ala. Lunch, even the name lets you know it is different. Southern cooking is usually heavy, fried, battered and smothered in gravy. You will NOT find this in either of Polly's kitchens. Polly's cooking is fresh and healthy. This is not the norm for this area. Polly is constantly looking for new ideas for all three companies. Her specialties are salads. Her chicken and shrimp salads are fantastic and different. Please consider PollyAnn Mitchell for your Nightline Platelist chef.

RUTH ANNE REAGAN, Chez Ruth Anne, Marcellus, NY

Nestled among the rolling hills of Central New York, in the tiny hamlet of Marcellus sits a kitchen that has fed the likes of nurses, doctors, lawyers, judges, teachers, engineers, musicians, athletes, artists, politicians, civil service workers, businessmen and women, parents, children, and students for close to 60 years.

The menu is an eclectic mix of the mundane to the magnificent that includes quaint early morning breakfasts, savory breads and desserts, delectable bistro dishes, sumptuous holiday meals, and even bag lunches for the hurried traveler or weary student.

Although hours of operation of the establishment have been reduced from when I first ate there over 45 years ago, Chef Ruth Anne continues to be the master of her domain feeding anyone coming in to sit at a table, of which there are many. Despite living in Washington, DC, my wife, daughter, and I travel to Marcellus at least twice a year to experience her fine cuisine. It's not uncommon to eat alongside a family member while there – making the 300-plus mile journey more the worthwhile. To this day, Chef Ruth Anne's most celebrated dishes continue to be grilled barbecue chicken in a zesty oil, vinegar and sage marinade, Irish stew boasting flaky chunks of perfectly seasoned roast beef perched among colorful garden fresh vegetables served over warm biscuits, creamy potato and leek soup, delightfully crusted scalloped oysters, tangy macaroni and cheese, and exceptional spaghetti sauce with a hint of sugar.

BUD ROYER, Royer's Round Top Café, Round Top, Texas

Bud's cafe is worthy of a "bucket list" of "must-dos before dying." His restaurant experience is THE reason folks come to Round Top. His cuisine speaks for itself, but it is the entire experience of this hidden Hill Country village, the Texan ambiance, Bud's sense of humor, the Texas drawl - the whole package that makes Royer's Cafe a consummate experience! Quaint Texas paraphernalia decor reflects owner Bud Royer's whimsical ways - like charging $1 if you DON'T get Blue Bell Ice Cream (made in Brenham, TEXAS) on their delectable pies. There are delicious reasons for a PIE OF THE MONTH CLUB. Bud GAVE us a mammoth yeasty plate of cinnamon rolls in consolation when we moved from Texas, mouth-watering just at the thought! Bud's friendly folks present a Texas welcome to THE BEST pies you'll ever put in your mouth. Don't worry if you forget your reading glasses. They provide a set on each table, to make sure you can see the menu! The worst thing about visiting Royer's, is trying to decide which pie to eat! Yeah, they have great entrees, delectable sides of featured cafe fare, but IT'S THE PIES. This house specialty keeps them going, expanding, and growing! Those of us who live states away, intentionally visit Royer's when we're in Texas. The only reason I'm glad I don't live in Texas, is that if I did, I would be going, expanding and growing – just like Bud's business – a culinary gift in an entrepreneurial package. Genius!

CHRIS SCHWARTZ, Frank's Diner, Kenosha, Wis.

Chris owns and runs Frank's Diner, which is the oldest continuously operating dining car restaurant in the country. She and her partner Lynn create excellent breakfasts and lunches on a daily basis. Their garbage plates are their most famous dish and are trademarked because of it. Their restaurant is very popular and can have a wait time of over an hour on weekends, which people happily wait for because of the delicious food and atmosphere. I, in particular love their pancakes and Wow Burgers. Every time I come in, they greet me (and most others) by name. They manage to have fun with their customers and chat with the people at the counter while cooking. Not only this, but they manage to support a number of other businesses and are present at nearly every festival and event the city runs.

GARY TATMON, Carroll's Diner, Houston, TX

Hello, my name is Jimmieka Mills and my father-in-law Gary Tatmon is the best Chef in the WORLD!

Gary is the most compassionate and generous person I know. He and his immediate family relocated from California to Texas which is where his family resided, and he and his sister opened a diner. I have never known Gary to throw any food away at the diner. Food is always given to those in need, and he even hires homeless people from the neighborhood to work busing tables washing dishes and taking out trash.

Although Gary suffers from diabetes, high blood pressure, and the pressures of raising a small child, he still wakes up at 5 a.m. 6 days a week to open the family diner to which he is the head chef. He has many recipes that would definitely be in the running for this contest but his potato salad takes the cake. He created it while looking for a side to have during a family barbecue. But the salad was so tasty and light that I'm told the next morning the family got up and had a bowl for breakfast! Later in the afternoon they fried fish and decided to finish off the potato salad with it and realized it tasted even better. That's where the everything potato salad was born, because the ingredients tasted so good with everything.

I believe not only his authentic ingredients but his love and dedication to his customers sets him apart from any other chef in this contest. Thanks for your time and consideration