Royal Snubs? Guest List at Diana's Memorial Makes Headlines

Nothing's ever easy when it comes to Diana.

Friday's memorial service — on the 10th anniversary of her death — was supposed to be a fond remembrance of a much-loved princess. But it's raised hackles, bruised egos and even led to threats of violence.

The focus for much of the bile has been Camilla, Prince Charles' second wife whom he, perhaps insensitively, invited to the service to remember his first wife. It's like a bad soap opera.

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"There certainly were fears that Camilla might have rotten eggs or tomatoes thrown at her," Ingrid Seward, the editor of Majesty Magazine, said.

Apparently, the only royal with more clout than Charles gave Camilla an out. "The queen said to her, 'This is a really bad idea,'" said Seward.

A relieved Camilla released this statement: "… on reflection, I believe my attendance could divert attention from the purpose of the occasion."

Top-notch diplomacy from the woman Diana referred to as the third person in her marriage; the woman Diana blamed for the end of her fairy-tale union with the dreamy heir to the throne; a man with a nice line in tweed coats and curmudgeonly opinions.

'Kiss and Tell' Culprits Denied Invitation

With Camilla now out of the way, we can focus on the rest of the guest list and there are some notable omissions: Paul Burrell, the butler Diana apparently called her "rock," is persona non grata. As is Patrick Jephson, a former private secretary, and Ken Wharfe, the late princess' body guard.

"They've all written books. They've all done a little bit of a kiss and tell," said Dickie Arbiter, who was a press secretary to the queen when Diana was killed in 1997. "I suppose the feeling … was that if you've done a kiss and tell, then you don't come."

Also staying at home watching coverage on the BBC will be Mohammed al Fayed, whose son, Dodi, was killed with Diana that night in Paris. His omission is hardly surprising as he has accused the duke of Edinburgh, the queen's husband, of being involved in a conspiracy to murder Diana and his son.

The Diana 'A, B, C, D' List

So who is coming? Well, celebrity snapper Mario Testino, the man partly responsible for creating the Diana legend with his black-and-white images of the princess.

Sir Elton John, will of course, be there, but is not expected to sing "Candle in the Wind" as he did at her funeral. Diana's brother, Earl Spencer, will also be there, but definitely will not be speaking, as he did at her funeral when he gave the royals a slap across the face from the pulpit for treating his sister badly.

"And there's what I call an A, B, C, D celebrity guest list," said Arbiter with a frown. "People who in the past have supported Diana and have switched their allegiance and are now supporting the prince of Wales."

The full list is being kept private so Friday morning will surely bring a spectacle of celebrity obsessives and tabloid reporters trying to spot who got the nod and who didn't.