Friday on Nightline

The following is an excerpt from Jake Tapper's blog Political Punch:

A little tease for Friday night's Nightline, which will feature an interview with Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the creators of the controversial "South Park" series…Which may or may not include an appearance by the following two characters, the one on the left being your humble correspondent:

Says Parker of the past year, which has brought all sorts of censorship issues involving the image of the prophet Mohammed and the subject of Scientology:

"We really were starting to go, 'OK, wow, if this is the new sort of world we're living in, that's not a world for South Park to live in,' because we don't want to start making the choices of what's OK and what's not OK. Because we always get asked that question: What won't you make fun of? What's not OK to make fun of?

"What I think we've stood behind, for 10 years, is: It's got to all be OK or none of it is. Because as soon as you start picking, 'Well, OK, we won't do this,' then all of a sudden the ones you did about that shouldn't be OK either. So we were starting to say, 'I don't know that this is a world that South Park can live in.'

"And at the same time, just like we always did, we managed to get something on and say something about how we can't say something about Mohammed. "

Yes, it's a TV show -- one on basic cable, at that -- but by being on the cutting edge of what's permissible to say and satire, Parker and Stone really get into where we are as a society, I think...

More later