From Negotiating Prices to Forming a Check List, Tips for Buying and Selling Homes

Harrowing House
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In a housing market that has had more downs than ups since the bust in 2008, top-selling real estate agent Roberta Baldwin guides both buyers and sellers through the market's troubled waters. Read a few of her quick tips below and watch the full interview tonight on "Nightline" at 11:35 p.m. ET.

Tips For Sellers:

Strive for Perfection
Buyers do not want to do the work -- they want you to do the work. It's not like the old days where you let the buyer decide what to do. They want a new kitchen, a new bathroom, they want everything perfect. If it's imperfect you're not going to sell it as fast.

Price the House To Sell, Not To Sit
If you are pricing it to sit, it will sit and it will keep getting negative feedback. If you aren't motivated you are wasting your time, the time of everyone who looks at it and your agent and at the end of the day you're going to be unhappy.

Be Realistic During Negotiations
Guess what? The negotiation process starts when the offer is given to you and if you think it's pretty good and you want $5,000 more, think twice about that because they just may walk without even listening to your counter. When a buyer makes an offer it's usually the price he wants to pay and not a penny more.

Trust Your Realtor
If you're underwater or behind on your mortgage, trust your Realtor with that information so he can give you the best advice and support from the start.

Tips For Buyers:

Streamline Priorities
I always say to people pick three to five things that you really want, but if you need 20 things you'll never find the house. You need to stick with those five and don't keep changing them every week.


When Buying or Selling, Ask a Professional

Work With the Pros
Honestly you're going to get your education a lot faster if you work with a top agent and also with a top mortgage representative.

Think of a House as a Nest, Not a Nest Egg
A house should be a place that gives you a special feeling and if you're just thinking every minute you're clocking, how much it's worth day to day or how much it's not worth you just can't possibly enjoy the inherent value of a nest.

Don't Get Drunk on Power
It may be a "buyer's market" but real estate is always about negotiation and compromise, so don't get carried away with your power -- it may kill the deal.

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